Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hakuhodo J214 Eye Shadow Brush


Hakuhodo J214 is a beautiful eye shadow brush. It has a thick and round goat hair head that's very full and  quite dense (18mm x12mm). The softness of the hair makes me want to meet the goats who produce it and  cuddle with them are .

Hakuhodo J214 is pretty big for an eye brush. It's only a touch smaller than the highlighter brush Hakuhodo 212. If you have small lids you will probably either skip J214 altogether or consider it for highlighting or other face makeup tasks (concealing!). My massive lids and I like this Hakuhodo brush for blending and diffusing an all over lid color and creating a soft look.

J214 has a dark haired twin from Hakuhodo's Basic series: B214. They're of similar size and shape and I use them interchangeably, either for blending eye shadow, concealer or correcting the under-eye area.

Bottom line: great to have.

Hakuhodo J214 ($35) and the rest of the J series are available from

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  1. Love, love, love the J214. It's softer than the B214 (different goat hair) but the B214 is excellent, too. The round little head is a unique shape and easy to use. I also have the larger 212 but I prefer these smaller guys.


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