Monday, August 27, 2012

Lipstick Queen- Gold Saint Shine Lip Gloss

Shine lip glosses from  Lipstick Queen are supposed to be retro and 1970s inspired. From the packaging to the texture they're supposed to radiate the questionable taste level of the 70s in a fun and playful way. My personal feeling is that when it comes to retro makeup, textures of yore are not necessarily something I want to bring back. Goopy and sticky glosses are a prime example of that.

Gold Saint is clear gloss with an abundance of gold sparkle. It can be worn on top of a lipstick or just by itself for some serious megawattage. I just can't muster much enthusiasm for a sticky and tacky substance when there are so many modern glosses on the market that can give me all the shine I may want without ending up in my hair. The packaging isn't doing the product any favors. The pot of golden goop is big and you're supposed to just stick your finger in it and apply.Since the Lipstick Queen formula is so thick and sticky the process is neither very enjoyable nor is it classy. I tried using a lip brush and it works fine, but despite the easygoing and beachy vibe Lipstick Queen Shine lip gloss isn't ideal for using on the go.

Bottom Line: meh.

Lipstick Queen- Gold Saint Shine Lip Gloss ($22) is available from Barneys. The product in this review was a GWP.

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