Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hakuhodo News: J Series Now Available Online

When I attended IMATS NYC back in April I had the opportunity to see Hakuhodo's J Series brushes in person.  I purchased two (see above), including the J5521 that I already reviewed. There are 85 brushes in this series, mostly made of either goat or horse hair as well as an impressive selection of duo fiber ones (a blend of natural and synthetic hair). The hair is not dyed, so there will not be any color bleeding issues, no matter what cleansing solution you use.

There are quite a few new brush types in the J series that don't exist in the other Hakuhodo ranges. These include fan brushes in various sizes, flat-top duo-fiber, and assorted blending and contouring eye brushes that make me ridiculously happy. The most expensive brush in Hakuhodo's J series retails for $111, but the majority of these tools are priced much (much!) lower, making them an excellent choice if you're looking for superb quality and performance but  not ready to yet  make a commitment to squirrel and sable hair.

The brushes are available from They ship all over the world and have knowledgeable customer service people who can advice you and make recommendations.

Which brushes caught your eye? What are you planning to buy?


  1. Gaia I would LOVE to see your entire brush collection...!!!

    I received an email from Hakuhodo USA about the J series and went straight on the website to check out the new range...more lemmings have been created. x

  2. I just got an email from Hakuhodo about the J Line being available. I am in so much trouble now!!!!!!!!

  3. Checked these out and certainly not up to par but would fall within the K Series beginner range.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this!! Ever since your review I have been wanting that brush!

  5. I just been to Tokyo a week ago and got some nice J series in gold bling bling handle. They're absolutely gorgeous. I passed the J series in black handle completely this time.

  6. Got some fantastic brushes from the J series. Love J5523, J214 and J532. Haven't figured out how to use the slant top J125 yet and am on the fence. J4006 eyelash fan brush is a novelty and it works but it takes getting used to using it vertically. These are hardworking everyday tools; durable and versatile in that they perform well with powder or cream products.

  7. pretty amazing brushes. They could last for the entire life I guess. Just the cost factor does not allow me to buy them but I am sure one day Hakuhodo would be in my makeup kit.
    I loved the highlighter brush. Its got a nice 'rain drop' shape which looks as beautiful as it applies.
    Amazing brushes.

  8. I just got 5 in the mail & in love. Totally picking up more shortly!


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