Monday, August 13, 2012

Dior Diorific Gypsy Red Lipstick

Dior Diorific lipsticks disappeared from the shelves briefly only to make a low-key comeback on Dior's website. I think they were gone for at least a couple of years here in the USA but might have been available in Europe-- Dita Von Teese tweeted this photo of a Diorific lipstick last year:

In any case, I bought my Diorific Gypsy Red from Dior's website a couple of months ago. Diorific is a far departure from the best-seller Dior Addict range. This is a very saturated and dramatic line, full coverage and opaque (at least the dark shades). The texture is very smooth and creamy and color is fairly long lasting (survives a drink, requires a touch-up after lunch). I prep my lips prior to application (exfoliating and a light moisturizer but no balm); under these conditions Diorific is creamy and comfortable, though it doesn't add any extra hydration.

Gypsy Red is a shimmery red plum shade. Low lights and full shade make it look more purple, while direct light brings out the red. The swatch photo was taken in filtered sunlight and is as true to life as it gets. Gypsy Red is beautiful and I find it very flattering thanks to the way it reflects light and adds glamour to the face. It's also easy to wear for me, but plum is as close to my signature lip color as it gets, so your mileage may vary.

Bottom Line: beautiful.

Dior Diorific Gypsy Red Lipstick ($36) is available from

Photo credit (except for the ones taken by me and marked as such): Dita Von Teese.


  1. I adore Diorific! I own 014 Rouge Dolce Vita and it's one of my favorite reds. I once thought it was discontinued here in Europe too, but a web search quickly proved me wrong. Thank goodness! I honestly find this lipstick far superior to the Dior Addict line.

  2. Strange - I've never heard of this lipstick before! I must check out if it is on the stands in Europe!

  3. I used to love Dior lipsticks. I wore them all the time, and then went on to other lines. I don't have a Dior counter nearby; but there is one not too far off and I should have a look-see again. I used to wear one called Rose Granville #871 in the Dior Rouge line; it has since been discontinued and a similar colour is not available yet. I have never tried the Addict line; it does for some reason, not attract me at all. The Diorific Gypsy Red one you wear is gorgeous, for sure.


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