Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Coy (045) Gleaming Lip Gloss

I've had my Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Lip Gloss in Coy (045) for over two months now and have used an impressive amount of it. I think you can see why: Coy is an easy choice for summer: a warm(ish) strawberry red with the finest gold and silver micro-shimmer. Coy is a flattering shade, not very dramatic or attention grabbing, just something that looks pretty and lively.

The shimmer in Rouge Bunny Rouge lip glosses is quite grownup. The particles are more visible when swatching on the arm than when applied to more texturized lip surface. The shimmer gives dimension both to naked lips or over a lipstick, and Coy is a shade that works with reds, oranges and nudes.

I love the formula of Rouge Bunny Rouge lip glosses. They're moisturizing and help plump the lips nicely. There's no detectable scent or taste and no stickiness; just color, shine, and a comfortable feeling.

Bottom Line: Smile!

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Coy (045) Gleaming Lip Gloss ($24) is available from Beautyhabit.com in the US and Zuneta if you're anywhere else in the world. Mine was a gift with purchase.


  1. I love your bottom line conclusion :D

  2. I had Coy - I loved it so much, it's gone!

  3. Coy is one of my favourite glosses. You've actually alerted me to the fact that mine has vanished. This is the downside of loving something enough to carry it in your handbag loose!


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