Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Batiste Grayling (054) Long-lasting Cream Shadow

I have just one complaint about Rouge Bunny Rouge cream eye shadows: they only come in five shades. I'm a big fan of cream eye shadows (most of the newer products in these category are a huge departure from older formulas and no longer crease and run). This one from Rouge Bunny Rouge is especially wonderful as the texture is very light, semi sheer and can be blended to a light wash of color as well as built up for a more dramatic effect.

Batiste Grayling (054) is a medium gray that can work as an easy daytime neutral or applied more graphically  in a couple of layers as a modern twist on a 1960s mod look. The formula and texture meld beautifully with my skin and stay there until I remove my makeup. The eye shadow sets quickly and stays put without migrating or creasing. I'd suggest using thinner primers (such as NARS or Lorac) with this Rouge Bunny Rouge formula to keep things light and smooth.

The applicator of Rouge Bunny Rouge cream shadows is of the soft and fuzzy type. I'm not sure how I feel about it since I use a brush to blend anyway (your pinky finger will also work) . It's not very rational but I feel that a regular sponge looks cleaner. In any case, the applicator deposits the right amount of product, so it doesn't really matter.

Bottom line: more colors, please!

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Batiste Grayling (054) Long-lasting Cream Shadow ($32) is available from in the US and if you're anywhere else in the world.

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