Monday, August 27, 2012

Signs of Fall: Christian Louboutin Troop

It must be the hardware and the woven straps that made me stop and consider this pair of Troop ankle boots by Christian Louboutin.  I usually prefer taller boots that don't cut my leg at the ankle and look better with dresses. Also,  I'm a Manolo Blahnik girl, not a Louboutin fan for reasons that start with how comfortable Manolos feel and end with my preference not to be so obvious about my footwear. Then there's the 120mm heel (closer to 5 than to 4". At least it looks sturdy) that will make NYC pavements feel more dangerous than normal.

Yet there's something very wearable and attractive about these Louboutins, and dare I say practical? They're not peep-toes, a boot trend that needs to go away immediately, at least in areas that have real fall and winter.   The zipper is in the back, looking like a stocking seam; I also like the round toe, but I wonder if the overall effect will make my big flat feet look bigger and flatter. $1595 at Barneys and


  1. I saw those and was racking my brain trying to think of a good reason to purchase them. Unfortunately, I'm too short to wear them with a skirt and all that beautiful detail would simply be vanquished by winter trousers. Oh, to be tall and lovely! LOL

  2. They are really beautiful although my wallet thanks my feet and ankles for not being svelte enough to wear them. *grumbles*

  3. To be honest: they are stunning - BUT.. to be practical: I believe what makes them appealing to me is the newness of the leather, the smooth surface. I don't think they will be stunning anymore after being worn a few times with fine lines in the leather.

  4. Ooooooh, those ARE good. I am also not a Loubie gal - lately they've all looked like they're designed only for Kardashians and Russian mobsters' girlfriends, plus the last those dingdong things are built on is so narrow I often cannot get my foot into them. And you're right - that red sole has become the footwear equivalent of the LV monogram leather, and nothankyouplease to THAT. But those? Are pretty fantastic.


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