Monday, August 13, 2012

Moschitto : Pretty Little Mirrors

I managed to break two pocket mirrors over the last month. It probably means something, but I'd rather ignore the signs and replace them with something a little more classy than the gift-with-purchase ones I end up stuffing into my purse (and then dropping and breaking them, obviously). I saw these cute compact mirrors by Moschitto on Nordstrom's website.  I love the fact that Moschitto  mirrors are made in the USA.  (and I'm grateful to Nordstrom for specifying this fact on the site). There are other versions: a frog and a horse, but the peacock and the baby elephant have my name written all over them, so my travel bags are going to look a lot better soon.

Moschitto Designs compact mirrors ($32 each) are available from


  1. ooo I like! I'd say though that the mirrors are breaking in their deflection of the evil eye away from you, so always keep one on you. :) Old folk belief.

  2. These are so cute! Do they have any magnification?


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