Sunday, August 12, 2012

Currently- August 2012

I pulled out Diana Vreeleand's memoir, DV in anticipation for the Diana Vreeland documentary. It's fun and eccentric. It's also a little weird to read a book the old fashioned way. I can't click a button and switch to Twitter. How odd.

This gorgeous and haunting song is from 1996 or 1997. Buffy fans know it well. I was actually searching for the scene where from "When She Was Bad" where Buffy does some dirty dancing with poor bewildered Xander, but couldn't find it. Hopefully, you all own the series on DVD...

CB I Hate Perfume- I Am A Dandelion. Deceivingly simple and incredibly enjoyable.

Red lips with little else.

Frequently Worn
Heavy bangles and bracelets of assorted origins.

The husband has been perfecting his salads. He's the master of arugula.

Guilty Pleasure
Ignoring most of the Olympics coverage. I've been watching makeup videos instead.

Bane of My Existence
I'm going to be utterly unoriginal and complain about the weather. It's been a pretty disgusting summer.

The birth of my nephew, Jonathan.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but fall can't get here soon enough.


Bernardaud Tonga Gold pendant. And speaking of Bernardaud, I wish they offered their gorgeous earrings in a clip-on version. I'd love to have these:

Random Thought
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How about you? Please share your loves, banes, and anything else that's on your mind.

Art: Takeji Fujishima, Butterfly, 1904


  1. Hi Gaia!
    Wonderful news on the birth of your nephew! Mazel Tov!
    For music, I've been listening to Cocteau Twins and Mazzy Star, reliving my college years.
    Perfume-I found a store in NCa that has a treasure trove of vintage goodies, wearing lots of vintage Jicky parfum de toilette and Amazone EDP. I'm in civet and oakmoss heaven!

    Makeup/skincare-I've discovered a skincare line called Tatcha that has a lovely brightening serum and moisturizer. It's very effective yet gentle, my skin is happy and I've been wearing less foundation overall.
    Frequently Worn-My MBT sneakers, they do take getting used to and I'm a major klutz-the adjustment period has been interesting.....

    Food-I discovered a lovely gluten-free friendly Vietnamese restaurant in SF that has an amazing Pho soup and other goodies that have my mouth watering.

    Guilty Pleasure-Sleeping in with the kitties.

    Bane of My Existence-People who dump their cats in my neighborhood-One in particular is a very dear tabby and it breaks my heart to see them abandoned.
    Joy-My kitties.

    Anticipation-The Holidays
    Wishlist-That this Presidential election year just be over and done with.

  2. I forgot to add, I tried the new Chanel Coco Noir and was underwhelmed, I also spritzed the new Lancome and was disappointed, the drydown was very sweet and fruity....

  3. I'm also out here in SF. Gaia, I buy earrings for pierced ears and have them converted. It is reasonably inexpensive. And free sometimes. Free is good.

  4. Hi Gaia,
    I'm ok with the summer weather here in NYC. It gets hot but like these last 2 days, it cools off in the evenings. Nice!

    I wore MPG Bahiana, nice. I am re-discovering Dior Addict - I got a sample of Sensuelle and I'm liking it! I have samples of Ramon Monegal on the way to me from Luckyscents - can't wait!

    I love arugula! But I'm not having it too often right now. I'm enjoying hand pulled noodles in the neighborhood I just moved into. Yum.

    Guilty Pleasure
    I've been reading perfume blogs!

    My upcoming vacation, but before that my mom's birthday!

  5. That song is so mellow! I was surprised and delighted that my husband expressed a desire to watch "Buffy" recently. I've been rewatching season 1 of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on Blu-ray. Loved the Trek references in your Mugler Cologne review! I've clearly been a bit nostalgic for my younger days like Elizabeth with her choice of music.

    For makeup, I'm concentrating on lips right now. I don't think I'd purchase another YSL glossy stain, but I'm trying use up the one I have (#11.)

    The bane of my existence is, as always, procrastination.

    My wishlist item is whatever color of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Intense that I had on my hand but couldn't match to any color in front of me. I was convinced it was #24 or #25, but reswatching both of them four times didn't give me the exact color I had fallen in love with.


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