Monday, August 06, 2012

Estee Lauder Alluring Rose Pure Color Blush

I first got to try Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush during a makeover at my local Bloomingdale's. The makeup artist gave me a neutral look with healthy rosy cheeks which I really liked, so I went on to purchase the blush, Alluring Rose from the Pure Color line. When it was time to photograph and swatch the blush at home I was quite surprised to see how low-key and neutral Alluring Rose looked in the pan. For a second there I wondered if I was given the wrong color by mistake.

I shouldn't have worried. The thing about Estee Lauder Pure Color blushes is that they're wonderfully vibrant. There's not an iota of powdery filler there-- it's all pigment. The swatch you see above is the lightest application possible. I used my Hakuhodo G5538 brush, a super fluffy and very loosely packed brush. When applying this blush to my cheeks I use the larger version (G5537) and it's more than enough. Of course, if you're darker or have a nice golden tan you can use a denser brush and even build up the intensity. I tried it once, but discovered that the contrast between my flushed cheeks and utterly untanned skin was too much (I was also testing  foundation that was a shade too light, and the whole thing ended up ghoulish, but that's a beauty blogger's occupational hazard).

The texture of Estee Lauder Pure Color blush is silky and as luxurious as they get. It goes on smoothly and plays well with foundations, highlighters and powders. The blush stays put for 12 hour and more, resists icky summer weather, rain or shine.

Bottom Line: more shades are likely in my future.

Estee Lauder Alluring Rose Pure Color Blush ($28) is available at the counters as well as from If you don't have a reliable and efficient Lauder rep who truly understands makeup in general and the brand in particular, I wholeheartedly recommend the wonderful Oleyssa from The Shops At Riverside in NJ (201-457-2109). Seriously, shopping with her made a huge difference for me (as evident in a quickly growing Estee Lauder count among my possessions).


  1. I'm in search of my "it" brush at the moment. Looking for a rosy, healthy glow. Estee seems have a nice match of my need. Need to check out. Thanks for the swatch!

  2. Hello Gaia, I've followed you for quite some time. I am an SA for Estee Lauder and it is so nice to see the products making an appearance on your blog. I personally love Pink Ingenue, but you are right, these are ALL pigment and require a light hand and excellent quality brushes to get them to look their best.

  3. This is so pretty. I've been smitten by the revamped EL, too, but haven't looked at the blushes as yet.

  4. I am lucky enough to have scored a gift with purchase with a three Pure Color blush compact. The colors in it are Alluring Rose, Audacious Plum, and Exotic Pink and they are all great. I have fair skin and I find it helps it to go on softer if I first diffuse the color from the blush brush on the back of my hand before I put it on my cheeks. I too see more of these blush colors in my future.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. It is very natural looking.


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