Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Shiseido Nymph Lacquer Rouge

I've spent the last week and a half wearing the new Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Nymph daily. Indoors, outdoors, all done up and in my yoga pants-- Nymph is a "my lips but much much better" shade with just the right amount of perky pink to give a boost of liveliness when needed.

In the swatch above I tried to give you an idea of how the texture of this Shiseido liquid lipstick can be applied and spread into a thin opaque coat. The semi glossy lacquered finish is at its height during the first hour after application but it fades pretty quickly after that. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge leaves a significant stain behind, though. So while my lips don't remain "lacquered" they still keep a good amount of color.

The texture is excellent- the right balance between lightness and full coverage. While I can't say the Lacquer Rouge is hydrating or nourishing it is not drying, either, which is incredibly important to me. The doe foot applicator does a good job at applying the Rouge evenly, but I like to dip a thin lip brush in  the product and draw the edges more precisely.

Next week I'll show you comparison swatches of the other Shiseido Lacquer Rouge I got, Drama, next to the new Guerlain liquid lipstick.

 Bottom Line: easy to love.

 Shiseido Lacquer Rouge ($25) is available from the counters, Sephora (online) and Shiseido's website.


  1. I ordered those too because they looked so nice on you and on Charlestongirl. I'm eagerly awaiting my Sephora delivery!


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