Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hakuhodo G520 Foundation Brush

Hakuhodo's G series offers some of my absolute favorite makeup brushes. Some are truly unique in their design (such as the G543) and others brings a new twist and quality to classic shapes (G527M). Hakuhodo G520 Foundation Brush is the latter. I'm not usually a fan of the common paddle foundation brush (MAC 190, Smashbox #13 or the Eco Tools you see below), as I prefer a brush that can buff and blend my foundation. Out of the general population of flat brushes there are two  I really really love.One is Giorgio Armani as it's perfect for blending small areas, and the genius Le Metier de Beaute angled foundation brush that's so flexible it reaches every last nook and cranny and can be extremely directional and precise.

Hakuhodo G520 Foundation Brush changed things for me and I find myself giving it equal face time as my trusty big buffers and blenders. The secret to this brush is a mix of natural weasel hair and synthetic fibers. The brush is relatively thick (9.5 mm), dense and ultra soft. The hair holds the product well, depositing the cream/liquid foundation slowly as you go, leaving no streaks and giving perfect coverage. The very tapered edge of uncut hair fits into the crevices at the side of the nose and anywhere else; it's easy to use and doesn't require any adjusting to your foundation applying technique.It just works.

Bottom Line: I need a backup.

Hakuhodo G520 Foundation Brush ($60) is available from hakuhodousa.com. As far as I know, they ship internationally.


  1. Great review. Thanks to your other reviews (and Dain's), I bought 6 Hakuhodo brushes Sunday other night, and they shipped today! I am so excited.

  2. Thanks, this brush sounds gorgeous! I will probably purchase this one shortly. My most recent purchase was the K005 for tightlining and both you and Dain are absolutely right about this brush! Now I want a back up!

  3. Z., I'm excited for you. Enjoy your new brushes!

  4. Joolz, I'm thrilled to hear you like the K005. Wishing you many more Hakuhodo brushes ;) .

  5. I'm new to quality brushes.2 years later, do you still think this brush is the best at what it does?


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