Tuesday, April 05, 2011

CB I Hate Perfume- I Am A Dandelion

Don't believe Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume when he says his I Am A Dandelion fragrance is nothing but
"... the simple scent of a Dandelion newly picked from the lawn"
It is a dandelion, it was picked from the lawn, but it's not that simple.

I Am A Dandelion opens with a sharp green note and a grassy accord familiar to fans of CB I Hate Perfumes.It's also sweet- just a little in the opening notes and more so after about 20 minutes, when the real Dandelion shows up.

This perfume absolute is very floral, in the best possible way. I admit I don't stop to smell the dandelions that pop on my lawn, but I like looking at them. I assume they smell like a gentle, less bitter version of marigolds, and that's what I get from Brosius' creation. It's leafy, soft and has a petal-like sweetness that warms on the skin and opens up. It's a cliche, and one I probably used here before, but I Am A Dandelion really smells like a summer day. It also has a bit of the feel of sticky little hands that pick a wet bunch of dandelions and other humble flowers that grow in the yard and bring them home proudly to be put in a little jar in the kitchen.

The reason I adore Dandelion is the way it melts into the skin and melds with it. It brings me back to that back yard on a long forgotten summer day makes me part of that summer day with absolutely no care in the world. There are not that many perfumes and perfumers who can take me there.

I Am A Dandelion ($70, 15ml perfume absolute) is available from CB I Hate Perfume Brooklyn gallery and online, cbiahteperfume.com.

Art by Andy Galsworthy and Craig Stephens.


  1. As you can tell from my avatar, I am a great fan of dandelions.

    I must get this perfume! :)

  2. I love dandelions. They look like such happy little flowers! When I was a little girl I used to pick them and put them in water colored with food dye to watch them change colors.

  3. I think that his scents are just amazing. I have only bought samples, but they have all been lovely and evocative. Whenever I wear them, I am continually sniffing my forearm to get that little burst of joy that the scent brings.
    Right now, I am playing with Just Breathe. Lovely.
    Thanks for the review.

  4. Thanks for this review, I love CBIHP, and this is one of the ones that I have yet to smell, but it's been on my 'to sample' list for a while now! Maybe this summer I'll take the plunge and order the little tester size.

  5. YAY I'm glad you Saluted the Dandelion! I simply *ADORE* this scent (& several from C.B.) & always look forward to its spring morning debut, that first delirious inhale & shining flight to happy backyard memories :) Milky bittersweet lawn-weed juice melts into my skin and sun-warms and sings a hooky song I've always known. During moments like this, the rest of my perfumes seem messy, over-wrought, beside-the-point, like Nature's always had it 'right' - ha! Well, go Dandelion! (& Wild Hunt, Memory of Kindness, To Smell a Flower, REVELATION, ...) & Have an *Enchanted* Wednesday, Gaia! :)

  6. I have to try this again. I remember really liking it. Do you get a bit of his musk in the drydown? As well as his dirt?

  7. I'm so happy to see that dandelion- flower and perfume- has more fans. The same goes for the brilliant CB.

    The 2ml sample size of the absolute is very generous and lasts for many wearings- it's an oil consistency and requires very little. Those looking for a full size should give the gallery a call this week and see if they still have it in the old packaging- they're having a sale on whatever left.

    Tom, I definitely get dirt but not sure about the musk. However, they layer beautifully.


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