Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ask The Non-Blonde: What Do You Think About...?

This is a bunch of answers to semi-random questions I got lately through anonymous comments, often unrelated to the posts. While I didn't approve them (and had no way to respond in person-- that's the problem with anon notes), I still wanted to acknowledge and reply.

What do you think about Chanel?
Chanel as in... the legendary designer? the brand? makeup? perfume? Karl Lagerfeld? I'm not sure what aspect the reader wanted me to cover, so I'll just ramble on.
Coco Chanel has been deceased for nearly as long as I've been alive, so at this point I think we can mostly forgive her for her questionable personality and celebrate her achievements and contribution to fashion as we know it. Many of her creations are timeless, her brand most certainly is and her legend seems to keep fueling the creative minds working for Chanel today. To a point I actually find it annoying. There's only so many products you should name after Mademoiselle Chanel, her apartment and the people in her life (Boy? seriously?).
Karl Lagerfeld has his own creativity and personality and while he always looks somewhat haunted, I doubt it's Mademoiselle's ghost that's responsible. As far as the perfume department goes, I'm usually disappointed. There are some very talented people working at Chanel. I wish they had the same artistic freedom Peter Philips seems to enjoy.

What do you think about Jersey Shore and the other Jersey-themed reality shows? 
I watched one episode  of The Real Housewives of NJ, and Tim Gunn has already said it all. I also watched a couple of minutes of something that might have been Jerseylicious or Jersey Couture- not sure which.  I heard someone refer to them as "Jersey Cows"- that's a horrible insult to sweet and beautiful bovines that have nothing to do with my home state.

What do you think about Sigma makeup brushes?
I don't.
I understand Sigma is famous for producing friendly-priced alternatives to MAC brushes, so there's a huge niche for these products, I'm just not part of it. I love good makeup brushes and collect them, but at this point in my makeup life I'm after the best quality I can find. Since except for one or two notable exceptions I don't find original MAC brushes to be the very best, I'm not after cheaper duplicates.

What do you think about the orange lipstick trend?
I can't wear it, so I don't. If it works for you, have fun and enjoy.

What do you think of crackle nail polish?
Honestly? I think it looks awfully unpolished.

How about false eyelashes?
They photograph beautifully, so that's one thing. A careful use of individual lashes can make a big difference and instantly glam up a simple makeup look. However, since my lashes are acceptably long and thick, curling and using mascara is all I do to enhance them. As high maintenance as I am, gluing stuff onto my eyes is too much for me.

Photo of Coco Chanel by Henry Clarke, Paris, 1954.
Jersey Cow from marthadart.com


  1. Great post, I like the idea of answering all the random questions you get in one post. I hope you continue to do them, maybe make it a series?

    Here is my random question: What do you think about Cherry Coke? J/K.

  2. I think I'm extremely nosy. I found your answers to these questions really interesting.

  3. Yes, this was interesting to read. :)

    I totally agree with you about the Chanel product names. They need to give it a rest.

    I also need to go back and take a look at your brush reviews. I've been disappointed in my MAC brushes. I always seem to grab something else when I'm doing my makeup. The MAC brushes are not particularly bad; it's just that they don't seem to fit with my face contours as well as I'd like.

  4. You're right about the cows, poor sweet creatures. :)

  5. Dear Gaia,

    As always you are spot on. I tried Sigma brushes even though I wasn't pleased with their MAC counterparts. Result: Disaster. I throw them away immediately. After your reviews I am lusting after Hakuhodo brushes now. You are my inspiration.




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