Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow Duo A Major (038)

Because one can't have too many gorgeous neutrals.

The full name of this Rouge Bunny Rouge item is Long-lasting Duo Eye Shadow - When Birds Are Singing- A Major/fis Minor. That's quite a mouthful for a small compact of two deceivingly unassuming colors. One is a pale golden beige/sand that's very hard to describe and doesn't swatch very well but gives the brow bone just enough highlighting. The other is a shimmery cool taupe or mauvish brown that brings depth and definition. It's a very elegant combination and the finished look is the definition of polished.

I don't know if those whose skin tone is darker than my sort of-NC35 would be satisfied by this Rouge Bunny Rouge combo- there are probably several single eye shadows that would have more impact. But if you can wear these colors you'll find the quality, texture and finish utterly sumptuous. I wear the A Major duo over a primer (Kanebo Sensai) and despite the subtlety it doesn't fade or crease. When I want to add a little more definition or drama I add an Edward Bess eye shadow (Dusk works especially well, as does Intimate) in the crease and close to the lash line or a touch of Le Metier de Beaute Corinthian.

Bottom Line: perfection.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadow Duo A Major 038 ($41.87 at the current exchange rate) is exclusive to, a UK-based online store. They ship worldwide.

All photos by me.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this duo- I have been intrigued for a while. It looks beautiful! Did you make any other RBR purchases and if so, will you be reviewing?

  2. Love it, I've been seriously lusting after RBR lately.


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