Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caterina Balivo At An Emilio Pucci Party

I had to google Caterina Balivo to find out she's an Italian game show host. I saw her pictures from a cocktail party hosted by Pucci in honor of designer Felice Limosani during Milan Design Week.  I have a soft spot for Emilio Pucci and an even softer one for everything Italian, so I found this look quite captivating and wanted to share.

Since I had no idea who Caterina Balivo was until 15 minutes ago, I hope my Italian readers are not going to inform me she's their version of Lindsay Lohan or Snookie. even if she is, I still want the dress.

Photos by Vittorio Zunino via Zimbio.


  1. Oh, she's quite gorgeous

  2. I love her simple make up. She is lovely looking.

  3. She hosts a very popular daytime talk show on national TV and she has no criminal record that I know of...and as you can see is also a very pretty non-blonde.

  4. She really is a beautiful woman and that dress is to die for however, I'm having a little trouble with her "tan".

  5. She's gorgeous! And love the dress in the shot from the waist up. But don't you think the bottom half is about 1/2 a size too small? It's doing that cinched up wrinkle thing...

  6. love the purse, love the face and makeup, love the shoes.
    I don't like the colors of the dress that much. and I always feel weird when the face looks more than 2 tons lighter than the legs.

  7. Lovely but why are her legs so much more "bronzed" than the rest of her? Ruined the look.

  8. No idea who she is, but I can definitely picture you in that dress!


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