Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chanel Bronze Corail 537 Soleil Tan de Chanel Summer 2011

At first glance the Corail part of the new Chanel Bronze Corail 537 Soleil Tan de Chanel for summer 2011 looks quite intimidating. I don't think I have anything quite bright and orange in my makeup collection and I doubt I ever would. But upon inspecting the entire compact you realize the other parts are very tame and barely bronzer-like. Since you're supposed to swipe and swirl your brush over the whole design you're not likely to turn  Snooki.

As you can see from the swatches (I also swatched each color separately, just to give you an idea), Chanel was really careful with these shades. They have a golden cast, a satin-like shimmer and are just a little punched up with the coral stripe. I use it in two ways- with a dense face/bronzer brush (Sephora bronzer brush or Edward Bess face brush) for a true but subtle bronzed look, or with the huge Louise Young fan brush for the just the lightest golden touch that's more appropriate on this rainy April week.

The texture and feel of Bronze Corail  Soleil Tan de Chanel is very fine and light. The simple stripes in the compact look far less elaborate and impressive than other summer bronzers we've seen lately (Estee Lauder Sea Star, Dior and that sunny Guerlain one), but the product itself is pretty and very effective, so I'm happy.

Chanel Bronze Corail 537 Soleil Tan de Chanel for Summer 2011 ($50) is available from most department stores and chanel.com.

All photos are mine.


  1. I bought the bronzer/blush in Bronze Rosé and couldn't be happier. It gives a subtle bronze glow that warms my light complexion, and the hint of pink makes it look truly sun kissed. Right now, I'm using my EB face brush, but after reading your review of the Louise Young fan brush, I promptly ordered one. I think it will be the perfect partner for these striped bronzers and blushes that we've been seeing so much of lately.

  2. Gorgeous - I'll be checking this same color soon!

  3. I can't wait until this comes out here.. It looks soo preeetty

  4. Hello Gaia,

    Firstly, I love your blog!!! How would you compare this with the Edward Bess bronzer? I am really leaning towrd the EB. BTW, I met him in Bergdorf and mentioned I get all my EB information from your blog. He knew exactly who you were. Thought you would like to know :) Thanks for all your work.

  5. MPLP11, first, thank you so much for your kind words and support of my blog :) It thrills me to know my reviews are helpful to you.

    As for the bronzer comparison, EB is as close as it gets to a natural tan for me, with an added subtle almost-glow that I get from all of Edward's product. This Chanel bronzer is warmer and has a sheen, though the effect is fully dependent on the brush you use with it. It's also adjustable to a degree because of the stripes. In theory you can pick more (or less) from the specific colors in the compact, but I admit I don't bother- if I want a different shade I simple use another bronzer. That's why I have a collection.
    The bottom line for me is that Edward Bess bronzer is an absolute essential for me while the Chanel one is lovely to have and a luxury. I guess this is true for every EB product. Were I to advise someone who was building her makeup collection from scratch I'd recommend starting with every piece of EB she liked and could afford and leave everything else until she really wanted/needed something specific that's not in Edward's range.

    I hope this helps a little. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


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