Friday, April 15, 2011

Julie Hewett Ronnie Bijou Sheer Lipstick

I usually stay far far away from peachy colored lipsticks. They clash with my skin and they look awful on my darker-than-average lips. I can admire the look on others, of course, but makeup is supposed to make me look and feel pretty, not like a trend slave, so I avoid.  Which is why the potted sample of Julie Hewett Bijou lipstick in Ronnie has been sitting in a drawer untouched since many moons ago when I photographed and swatched it. I love Julie Hewett's lipsticks and have bought several over the last few years, but Ronnie, a golden rose peach never seemed like my thing.

Hewett's Bijou series is sheer and goes on the nude side. They're of medium pigmentation level, so in my case the less attractive side of peach (i.e. orange) is toned down by allowing my natural color to come through. The surprise is that when layering to build up the color it is still a very beautiful and natural color. It looks like a warm rose on my lips, which is quite different and a lot more wearable for me than the swatch has led me to believe. The secret is the combination of the wonderful formula (it's balmy and has quite a bit of slip) and the specific pigment in Ronnie.

Bottom Line: A perfect spring/summer color, even for me.

Julie Hewett's Bijou lipsticks ($20) actually come in a regular bullet tube and look like regular lipsticks. The generous size potted sample was a GWP. The lipsticks are available from MioMia ( To find Ronnie on you need to search it by name, as for some reason the color doesn't appear with the rest of of the Bijou collection though it seems to be in stock.

Photos by me.

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