Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyes Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo

I take full responsibility for this little fiasco. I have reasonable reading comprehension skills and should have known better. But I was looking for a solution for bunny eye days and Rouge Bunny Rouge is fast becoming one of my favorite brands so I added Eyes Wide Open, the  Brightening Liner Duo, to a Zuneta order a few months ago and hoped for the best. I never use a white eyeliner on my waterline- it looks unnatural and does nothing to improve my eye situation. I liked Rouge Bunny Rouge's idea of using a flesh-tone liner instead. The problem is that my flesh is not petal pink.

You can see where this is going.

Eyes Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo has two sides. The thinner pink end is for use on one's waterline, to make it less red and open up the eye. The thick white pencil is for brightening the inner corner. Both have a cool satin finish that would probably work well for the pale and pink-toned among us. Unfortunately, I'm not in that category, hence a frosty pink disaster. I didn't like the white brightener any better. Between the starkness of the color (the swatches don't betray how bad it was on my face) and the thick consistency of the product, it was not the best option for my inner corner. A touch of gold, ivory or sheer peach wash works better on me. The one white eye shadow I use these days is Burberry and it has a certain glow that the Rouge Bunny Rouge pencil lacks when it comes in contact with my skin.

The good news is:
 1)  Last week I actually found the perfect eye brightening pencil for those of us who don't do pink. Details coming soon.
 2) Rouge Bunny Rouge has so much other great stuff to offer I don't hold a grudge.

Bottom Line: Your mileage may vary.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyes Wide Open Brightening Liner Duo ($34.90 at the current exchange rate) is exclusive to They ship worldwide.

All photos are mine.


  1. Would it really work on someone with pink tones? I would think that it would make eyes look pinker.

    Wasn't that part of the idea of light blue eyeliner at the waterline (ahh, the 80's)? To brighten the eye?

  2. Can't wait to see your recommendation for those of us who don't do pink. Is it LMdB? Justin at BG recommended one that is off-white/beigy and slightly iridescent, which - if it weren't for tearing, allergy beset eyes - I would wear more often.

  3. tarte emphasEYES works great on me (and i think our coloring is similar). it's peachy and light enough to show, but not so light that it glares. good stuff.



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