Monday, April 11, 2011


I loved everyone's perfume suggestions for my internal temper tantrum. Keep them coming if you have more, since I'm getting cranky every time I think about these laptops that self-destruct after exactly two years. Tomorrow I'm going to wear Vent Vert in honor of Lawrence from Ohio, though I probably should have also worn it today. We're having a very unseasonal little heatwave:  while tomorrow is back to April showers and temperatures in the 50s, today was in the mid eighties. I kept all the windows open and could smell the first blossoms of the magnolia tree, the hyacinths (or what's left of them) and the general heat rising from the lawn. It was glorious if a little sweaty.

My scent of the day was Andy Tauer's Zeta (now available from Luckyscent), which I have every intention to fully review this week (and there will be a giveaway of samples). It's everything a summer day is and should be. There are two other Tauer perfumes I favor in the heat: Orange Star and Reverie au Jardin. The first is perky, beach-happy in the same way Hermes Eau de Merveilles is sweet and salty. Reverie is an olfactory nap in a hammock.

I can think of other perfumes for an accidental heatwave. Onyx by Sage (especially in oil form) on its dark and smoky coconut feels like a vacation day. Anything vetiver is always a good idea, as are good classic colognes. Tom Ford has taken it to genius level with his newish body oil in Neroli Portofino. Anything that blooms in the heat is also a pleasure to the wearer (and hopefully to his or hers nearest and dearest). From classic white florals such as Fracas and anything tuberose to the modern Rubj by Vero Kern. And if one feels like going the fruity floral way, my guilty pleasures are Nuit de Cellophane (Lutens), EnJoy and Sira de Indes by Jean Patou, L'artisan Ananas Fizz and Annick Goutal Quel Amour!.

Was it hot today where you are? What did you wear to go with it?

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  1. When I lived on the East Coast, I wore Azuree or Aliage in the summer heat.
    It was quite brisque in the SF/Bay area today, MKK was perfect.
    Tonight's scent is Datura Noir-I love the creamy milky coconut/musk/vanilla/tonka/almond notes. It's perfect for a cold evening with a book and the kitties.

  2. I live in Barcelona, Spain, where, when it's time for hot weather, it's hot and humid weather. Usually, I in those days I wear Private Collection, the first one. That or AG Mandragora.

    Today I'm wearing Scherrer, as the weather is a bit cool.

  3. That image of Joan Crawford made my day. It will have me smiling all day.

    Looking forward to your review of Zeta.

  4. we have exactly the opposite. It's not going to crack 60. I'm wearing Rousse for a little warmth

  5. Heatwave in Italy too; today I'm wearing Mandragore, but I just got a full bottle of Etro Gomma and I want to test it in hot weather. You just reminded me, speaking of perfumes that bloom in the heat, that Vol de Nuit seems to become more floral when I wear it in summer.
    And I always enjoy Eau d'Hermes on a hot day 'cause I'm a little wicked.


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