Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate & William, Official Portrait

Are you staying up or setting your alarm to an obscenely early time? Or perhaps you don't care at all. I'll be up and probably tweeting, as much as my sleep deprived mind would allow. In any case, above you see the just released portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton, taken by Mario Testino (most likely on the same occasion as the other already famous engagement photos). This picture appears on the official wedding program. I think it's lovely.


  1. That is a gorgeous photo. I wish them loads of happiness. They are not only a visually pleasing couple, they appear to truly be in love and very grounded. Thanks Gaia!

  2. It is indeed lovely and a perfect rendition of a perfect couple. Thank you for this. No wonder I am proud to be English.

  3. I started watching when I got up this morning (live in England) and watched everything from the Queen arriving in her car through the ceremony, the return to the palace, and the kisses on the balcony.
    I thought it was lovely, and I loved Kate's dress. Since I'm American and have only lived here since 2007, this was my first Royal Wedding. In addition to it being awesome that just about everyone has gotten the day off work, it's nice to have something to feel happy about on a national level (we've been needing that for some time).

    My husband (English) hopes that when the Queen steps down (or dies, but let's not think about that) maybe Charles will abdicate in favor of William. He thinks a younger monarch would be good for the country, plus the stability of a long reign is a positive thing.

  4. I think they are adorable and I will be watching on DVR this evening.

  5. I tuned in at a sedate 10.30am, and the ceremony kicked off at 11am. Living in Britain does help, mind! : - )

  6. This is terrible, but ... he kind of looks like a college kid who landed an affair with a really hot MILF.

  7. I think they're charming and wish them well.

  8. I woke up at o'dark thirty or so to get in on the festivities. I'm glad I wore water proof mascaara, I was crying the whole time! Silly me.....
    I am so happy for the lovely couple.


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