Monday, April 25, 2011

Chanel Fetiche Rouge Coco Shine

Fetiche. Seriously. I don't know who in Chanel is responsible for naming their products, but there's nothing fetishistic about Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Fetiche (52). It's medium almost-mauve pink that I wear as a my lips but better color on days I'm indulging in more prominent eye makeup and would look equally wearable and nice on just about everyone (though the intensity would change, of course, according to your skin tone and level of natural lip pigmentation). On me it's a very simple and uncomplicated color.

Like the rest of the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks I've tried (no idea how the really light colors behave), the shine disappears quickly but the actual color stain is nicely long-wearing. Once the finish wears off I top the lipstick with lip gloss, because I don't need to reapply the color for several more hours. Good matches for Fetiche are Chanel Glossimer in Summer Plum or Wild Rose (depending on the undertones I want to bring out), or even Smashbox Limitless gloss in Endless. I've also been experimenting by mixing some gloss and Chanel Coco rouge Shine on the back of my hand and applying with a brush. It makes for a very polished look that's also long-lasting.

Bottom Line: Summer love.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick ($32) is available from department store Chanel counters as well as

All photos are mine.


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  2. I just bought yesterday a lipstick from this line. The name is Liberté (#46). Not a comfortable color for me but I wanted to get an orange/coral lipstick for this Spring/Summer and this one looked the best on me (I tried Nars and Dior as well but Chanel won). I liked many other colors as well - if only I could buy 3-4 mini lipsticks (I do not need all those in full sizes).

  3. Fetiche? For such a straight-forward lipstick? Oh well, each to their own I suppose. I do like the colour though, and these lipsticks have a wonderful forumla :)

  4. I like Fetiche, but I agree it looks like a MLLB shade, nothing fetishist about it. (Rouge Noir 18 ... now that brings to mind leather masks and a dungeon.) I've heard the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks can be mushy, do you find that to be true? I am also wondering how they compare in texture and wearability to Chantecaille Lip Chic. I adore many Chanel products, but I've never had much luck with their lipsticks, so I agree with Undina--it would be fun if they offered a set of mini lipsticks.

  5. I tried one of these on at a local shop and decided it was a lovely look; but it did not last long on me.

  6. Hi Undina,

    I also recently bought Liberté and find that layering a bit of Chanel's new Glossimer in Aurore takes the edge off the orange so that it's a bit lighter and easier to wear. Just a suggestion:-)

    Hi Gaia,

    I purchased six Shines in both light and dark shades. Like the darker colors, I find that Chance (light pink) and Evasion (light peachy pink) also leave behind a tint once the shine has worn off although certainly not as prominent as with the darker colors. There is enough color left behind, though, to make your description of Rouge Coco Shine as a lip tint totally accurate, Gaia. I get a few hours of wear out of the basic tint, but touch up periodically with a bit of gloss or lip balm to renew the shine and refresh the color.

    Something I think we're all learning as we work with Shine is that it lays done a beautiful, sheer base color which plays really well with glosses. Although I did buy Aurore to use primarily with Liberté, I find I already have an embarrassment of beautiful glosses in my drawer that enhance my Shine selections to perfection. All considered, I'm very pleased with Chanel's newest endeavor.


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