Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Roundup- Royal Wedding Weekend

Have you watched the wedding? What did you enjoy most? I loved every moment, but then again I've been a big fan from the day I learned to say Queen. I was thrilled with Kate's fashion choices and with everything, really- it was a joy to watch (and I've kept the TV on BBC America all day long, so I also watched the repeats. And, yes, the princesses of York, Beatrice and Eugenie were still horribly dressed and made up, each one in her own unique way. Poor girls).

Surprisingly, there's still a whole world of unrelated beauty out there. Here's what my blogging friends have to show us this week:

Charlsongirl from  Best Things in Beauty shows us  the Ombré Fusion Creme Eyeshadow from Guerlain's Terra Inca Collection. If you're closer to my coloring than to hers, Havana is your friend.

Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has some Dior magic for us:  Electric Tropics Catwalk Nail Duos.

 Diva Debbi shows us Youth Corridor's Skin Brightener and is giving two away. Have a look.

Kari from Fab Over Forty shows us how to make the brow a perfect shape with the proper tools.

Another giveaway: at Gouldylox Reviews you will see the Jan Marini Instant Refining Exfoliator.

Jane at Daly Beauty shows us how to make a classic, simple bun style hairdo.

Amy from Café Makeup shares with us the latest Chanel bronzer, Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Rose.

This week Product Girl interviews Nonie Creme, Founding Creative Director of Butter London nail polishes. See what she keeps in her makeup bag.

BeautyXposé shares with us some great floral accessories that are all under $20.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Photo of Robin Wright and Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride, 1987, from


  1. I enjoyed every moment of it, even though I had to sneak watching it as work. :)
    Especially loved the way Kate looked throughout and admired the fact that she looked so composed and very happy. I love it that I get the feeling when looking at them that they are a couple that's really in love. They seem intimate with each other like every other couple out there, unlike Charles and Diana (they didn't look like that at their wedding).
    And the fact that they blushed a little after the kiss? That is something you can't fake. :)
    I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  2. I loved every minute. I watched BBC-America after I realized they had the best coverage. Kate was gorgeous and I almost think Pippa was even prettier. Poor Beatrice and Eugenie, bless their hearts, were just as tacky as their mother!

  3. I thought Kate looked perfect - the wedding gown and her graceful posture created an almost medieval silhouette in harmony with the cathedral and the archaic language of the vows. Also, the simple veil echoed Queen Victoria in a beautiful way. I was very moved by how young and natural Kate and the Princes seemed and how they translated elements of Britain's history into the 21st century.

    I'm fascinated by that ribbon hat - it echoes the ancient Isis headdress, and the dark eye makeup echoed classic Egyptian kohl eyes. I know everyone thought the sisters looked hideous, but I found them compelling in an archaic-Tim Burton kind of way. GREATLY preferred their thrilling weirdness to Posh's dull, hard-edged, relentlessly trying to set the standard for chic look. Beck's soft tie and collar were fab, though. ~~nozknoz

  4. I really loved the dress, it was nice to see a bride in something that was not strapless, form-fitted or overexposed. Very well done. Also they look genuinely happy unlike Diana and Charles so I do hope all turns out well for them. I find all the hats pretty silly, but that ribbon one was pretty eye-catching. lol Nice canary dress for the queen too.

  5. I thought the dress was simply stunning and I hope she starts a trend for wedding dresses that cover arms. The veil echoed the late Queen Mother's veil which I felt was a nice touch.

    I wasn't keen on the cowl-neck of Pippa's dress but the rest of it was beautiful.

    Camilla, as always, looked elegantly and beautifully dressed. She really does have some very good people advising her.

    Kate's mother's clothes were understatedly elegant as well.


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