Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hakuhodo Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush T E0183

The Hakuhodo Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush T, also known as E0183, is somewhere between a precise and dense pencil brush and a similar sized but fluffier crease brush. It fulfills multiple functions and is perfect for doing some crease/outer V work (I have big lids). The blue squirrel hair (Hakuhodo promises they don't harm the animals. I wonder what the squirrel thinks about that) is soft and pleasant on delicate skin, yet picks up more than enough product.

I use the Kokutan E0183 for quick and heavy lining, smudging and creating a nice crease. It still requires good blending work afterwards as do other brushes in these category: The NARS #14 (which I just realized I never actually reviewed) and my ancient Sephora Professionnel Platinum Natural Dome Smudge Brush #13 (try saying that three times fast) are definitely more smoky eye and smudging brushes than the Hakuhodo. E0183 and NARS #14 are close, but the Hakuhodo is fuller and a tad fluffier,  so in a pinch can shade a whole lid.

This brush, as the rest of the Kokutan range (named after the wood used for the handle) is small but looks and feels incredibly luxurious. It's easy to spot-clean as needed (Hakuhodo recommends not to do full washing too often) and returns to shape right away when washed.

Bottom Line: one of my hardest working brushes.

Hakuhodo Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush T E0183 ($42) is available from Elsewhere in the world check the international site.

All photos are mine.

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  1. Hi! I'm interested in buying this brush, and I'm wondering what you use to spot-clean yours. :)


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