Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lush Honey Beehave Dusting Powder

We're entering body powder season and even my dry skin needs some anti-sweating help on occasion. And it better also smell nice. I actually bought Lush Honey Beehave Dusting Powder last summer, so I have no idea why it took me so long reviewing it, especially since it looks like I'll have to buy a backup before this summer is over.

Two things attracted me to this specific Lush product. First, Lush Silky Underwear body powder has been a constant in my arsenal for years (long before I started blogging). It's a brilliant powder because it's based on cocoa butter (don't ask me how), and while the powder is devoid of grease and stickiness it's also moisturizing and nourishing. Then there was the honey scent. I love the smell of honey in any shape and form, so I had to try Honey Beehave.

Now, Lush Honey Beehave Dusting Powder is a very different product than Silky Underwear. It can't be used in the same way and I completely avoid it during the winter. Honey Beehave is a traditional body powder based on sodium bicarbonate (that's baking soda to you and me) and kaolin. This means Honey  Beehave is an absorbent- it dries the skin and calms it. Important if one is prone to heat rashes and the like, but not a good idea on croc skin days. I use the powder on hot, humid and sweaty days or when I'm wearing a dress that has a built-in synthetic slip, as I can be sensitive to such fabrics and the kaolin is a great help.

The scent is more honey-soap than pure honey, so don't worry about getting the Miel de Bois treatment. It's surprisingly clean, very pleasant and doesn't linger or clash with my perfume.

Bottom Line: I'd be thrilled to have a Honey Beehave scented version of Silky Underwear

Lush Honey Beehave Dusting Powder ($11.95, 3.5 oz) is available from Lush stores and thankfully also online, so one can skip the stinky boutique.

Photo: Rafi Ben-Aharon via http://shredsomething.files.wordpress.com


  1. I'll be honest, I find that most LUSH products are really nice. (Sigh, their bath bombs are to die for.) I would actually like to try this product now based on your review. Thanks lady!


  2. Tom, you know me too well...
    Of course I do, just because I can. It's delicious.

  3. I'm a little confused about when one might choose Dusting Pwdr instead of Silky Underwear Pwdr --in the summer. It sounds like you use them both in the summer... Can you give a few examples where each work best rather than the other?

    Also, does the SU leave any oily residue on fabric?

    Thanks! These sound like great products in the summer. Rachel


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