Friday, April 01, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Recherché

Recherché was my second pick from Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic/Ironic spring 2011 collection. It's not that I didn't admire Insouciant and Iconoclast, which I admit are the more unique of the four, but my approach to nail polish buying is to only invest in colors I know I'll wear again and again. Hence my love for Decorous and Recherché.

The latter is a wonderful dark chocolate plum. It's dark brown and purple, not very spring-like, but since Rescue Beauty is NYC-based they know exactly what they're doing. We had snow this morning, giant wet flakes. Recherché is just perfect for this weather. The color is very dark and shows its various undertones depending on the light. The full plummy effect is only visible in strong natural daylight. Most of the time it just looks like a very deep and rich brown.

Recherché is a cream formula and as opaque as it gets. I'm on my second round of this color, and what you see in the photo is just one coat (over a Deborah Lippmann base and no top coat). When I wore it earlier in the week I opted for two layers because it's smoother and takes away any application mishaps, but when redoing my nails earlier today I went with only one for the sake of quick drying. Seriously- Rescue Beauty has the fastest drying cream formula I've come across.

Recherché is not as long lasting and chip-resistant as Decorous, and as a matter of fact I experienced some peeling the very next day after my first use, but it's still a great addition to my nail polish collection. While I have various purples and browns I don't own any color that's even close to this one.

Recherché ($18) is part of Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic/Ironic collection for spring 2011. Available for a limited time at

All photos are mine.

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