Monday, April 04, 2011

Sue Devitt Kalahari Eye Intensifier Pencil

There's something weird going on with my Sue Devitt Kalahari Eye Intensifier Pencil. As you can see in the photos, it's not new; I've had it for months. I first took pictures when I bought Kalahari last summer but none turned even remotely acceptable. I tried again month after months, every time I did a major swatching/photographing session. I used my old camera, my new one and in desperation even my phone. Kalahari remains elusive. I'm not too happy with this eleventy seventh attempt, but it should do. It's not like the swatch on Sue Devitt's website is so much better.

As camera-shy as Kalahri might be, it's a great color and product for the lazy person's smoky eye. I've been a devoted fan of Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier pencils for nearly a decade. The combination of excellent pigmentation, great texture for both lining and shadowing and pretty colors has made them an essential go-to items. The results I get from lining my eyes with these pencils and then smudging (the Intensifiers have a built-in smudge applicator, but also cooperate nicely with good smudge brushes) is inversely proportional to the time and effort it takes. Adding a touch of a sheer/shimmery eye shadow over it takes it to the next level and the eye makeup is done.

Kalahri is a true gray. The finish is opaque and creamy with  no shimmer. Like all Sue Devitt Eye Intensifiers, this pencil has an ideal yield so it doesn't pull the skin, but enough resistance for accuracy and once applied and set it stays put from morning to night.

Bottom Line: a favorite.

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencils ($22) are available from Ulta and

All photos are mine.

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