Friday, April 08, 2011

Sephora Peach Beige 13 Colorful Mono Eyeshadow

The last time I bought a Sephora brand was some years ago when they first appeared at my local Sephora and I wanted to play and figure out some super bold or unusual colors and see which ones I can actually wear. Some of them were better than others, though I found most too crumbly or chalky and gave every last one of them away. I haven't looked at any of the brand's item in ages, so I was quite surprised with this eye shadow I got as a gift with purchase a few months ago.

The light and shimmery texture is a far departure from what I remembered. The eye shadow is easy to apply and blend, cooperates with every brush I've thrown its way and is all around a great little thing. Peach Beige 13 is exactly as the name implies and make a good highlighter and base color that works with most brown and green colors. The quality is great- no creasing or fading, and as long as I wear it over a primer I haven't experienced any fading.

I must say that I love the mini size of this GWP item. I wish it were available as part as the regular line (and from most brands, really). It's great for shoving into a small makeup bag, not to mention how smaller size means cheaper price, so I'd be more inclined to try new colors. As far as word on the street goes, Sephora brand eye shadows still vary in quality. Some, like Peach Beige 13, are great, while others are iffy. so I can't vouch for every color in the range. Still I now have my eye on a couple of other shades that I will have to try if I can ever make myself set foot in an actual Sephora store again.

Sephora brand Colorful Mono Eyeshadows ($12 each) are available online and in store.

Photos by me.

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