Friday, April 22, 2011

Chanel Monte Carlo Rouge Coco Shine

What's behind the hype (and some of the subsequent disappointment reports) of Chanel's newest lipstick formula, Rouge Coco Shine?

Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are interesting little things. I got a few in the most saturated/darkest shades and I like them. They're a sort of hybrid product, but not quite what I expected- they're not a balmy lipstick, despite the high shine finish they have when first applied. It's more like a high quality lip tint with a glossy top coat. Despite what one would expect from a product named "Shine", this glossy finish fades quite quickly and the main strength of these Chanel lipsticks is in the stain that's left behind and stays on for several hours (at least in the six dark colors I have).

Monte Carlo is a summery bright very warm (bordering on orange-red) pink. I would never wear this color in an opaque formula, but since Rouge Coco Shines are sheer, I have more wiggle room with the shades- my natural color neutralizes the orange and I get a lovely, happy color that cheers me up. As I said, the shiny gloss finish fades, but the color itself stays behind even after my second cup of tea, and still coats the lips very evenly- a great surprise. Monte Carlo is the perfect partner for Chanel Summer 2011 Glossimer in Pensee- they're quite similar in color, so since I don't need to reapply the lipstick for pigment (you can, and it's buildable), I simply add the gloss as needed or desired.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine ($32) is available from most decent department stores and

All photos were taken by me with Sophie's help.


  1. That's a great description of the Shines, Gaia!

  2. I'm enjoying the coco shines I bought, I didn't expect them to be very pigmented but they are shinier than I expected and they are pretty! I picked up Boy and Bonheur which is one of the darker colors and very beautiful. Only complaint is the price but it's Chanel, it's expected.

  3. I'm loving my Rouge Coco Shines thus far, but I'm trying to talk myself out of getting more because of the price haha. Your kitty is adorable by the way!

  4. Thanks for the review, G... I stopped by the Chanel counter in Bergdorf, where they were too busy even to make eye contact with me (ha!), and I actually didn't see any shades that I *needed* to have. That's my usual situation with Chanel, for some reason.

    There are quite a few new semi-sheer-shine lipsticks on the market these days! But I did cave on a Guerlain Rouge Automatique. ;)

  5. Hi Gaia, must admit that with all my love to Chanel, this spring my winner is the new Dior Addict lipstick, something about the density, the texture and the feel are so accurate for me. And the tube is so sexy! :) Did you try them?

  6. Unfortunately, I returned the two I bought. I hated how it settled into the crevices on my lips - maybe I can try again with another color.

    I think it was all hype for me but there's a part of me that still wants to try a different color. Maybe I feel this way just because it's Chanel?

  7. I just bought 62 and 66 today (Bonheur and Bel Ami) and so far, I really love the texture of these lipsticks. I find that regular, non-shiny lipsticks are aging, and these have a good level of gloss and a nice level of shine.

  8. Sophie is so cute!!


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