Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer Ink Gel Eyeliner

It looks like I finally found my favorite non-pencil green eyeliner in Bobbi Brown's Ivy Shimmer Ink Gel Eyeliner. Of course, one could ask why I even want (need?) a green eyeliner. This kind of color is usually associated with some horribly dated makeup looks (and, yes, I watched the episode of My Strange Addictions on TLC with the green eyeliner lady). However, done right, a dark green liner adds just the right amount of interest to an otherwise conservative and low-profile makeup. A thin emerald green line coupled with a sand, taupe or medium brown wash brings out brown eyes and make them look brighter.

I was worried about the shimmer in Bobbi Brown's Ivy Shimmer Ink Gel Eyeliner- as you can see it's very visible in the jar, but once on the particles are not that visible- it's just an overall shine, maybe an almost metallic finish. Since I only draw a thin line close to the lashes you can't really tell it's "shimmer". It just adds some brightness (very helpful on red bunny-eye days during allergy season).

As with every Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner I've ever owned, Ivy is smooth, easy to apply, sets instantly and doesn't budge. It cooperates with any eyeliner brush I pit against it.

Bottom Line: the lady in the photo above might not be impressed, but it's a great addition to my makeup arsenal.

Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer Ink Gel Eyeliner ($21) is available from most decent department stores and

Eyeliner photos by me, the makeup horror one from somewhere online, image obviously belongs to TLC channel.


  1. neeed that in my life, looks brilliant....i'd want it a BIT more green though, hate colored liners that look black, i'd just buy a black one

  2. No thanks. I have blue eyes and it makes them look awful!

  3. Nice review Gaia,
    I've been looking for a green liner that doesn't smudge and has a bit of depth to it. I'll have to give this a try! Green liners are my fave to pop my brown eyes....

  4. The fake/blonde lady looks terrible with all that green on her eyes, can't believe she thinks otherwise.


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