Friday, January 21, 2011

Bob Mackie- Mackie For Women (Original 1985 EDT)

I had no idea the mini bottle of Bob Mackie perfume I got with a bunch of other vintage items was a coveted collectible. I was only vaguely familiar with the designer's perfumes- mostly with the 1991 Mackie by Bob Mackie in the colorful fan box (well, the box with a fan-like design printed on it). It's a drugstore perfume nowadays, quite loud and not particularly refined. I'm sure my mother would have a strong opinion if she were to smell it on someone in an elevator (and she's a white flower queen, so it ought to tell you something).

The older Mackie in the black bubble box (there are also bubbles on the bottle itself, which is usually clear, though mine is gold with a plastic black stopper) might or might not have been the first version of the same formula. It certainly has loads of dirty, filthy tuberose which is probably my favorite part of the scent. Since what I have is a dab-on bottle I never manage to over-apply, so the vulgarity factor isn't completely there. But I did make the mistake the very first time I tested Mackie to wear it before going to sleep. Boy, was that disturbing.

Mackie starts innocently enough, with various greens, herbs and even a tough of something lavender-like but not quite. I think I also get some mint, an almost fresh accord that is quite surprising in this 1980s drama queen. Then things go very floral, very feminine and quite boudoir-ish. This is not my mother's tubersoe. I guess it's the heavy dirty musk of the dry-down and possibly civet. Maybe that's the change in formula between the original and the 1990s version- I don't recall smelling civet in it, but it's been ages since I've been around Mackie, so who knows? One thing is for sure- no matter how gaudy I find Mackie, it's a reminiscent of an era when perfume from fashion design houses could still be interesting and provocative.

Photos of Bob Mackie with Cher, one of his most iconic clients, from
Photos of a Mackie by Bob Mackie vintage EDT from an online auction


  1. LOL, I remember testing the "fan box" version of Bob Mackie, when it was still fairly new. MAN, was that stuff strong! "Quite loud and not particularly refined" definitely describes it. Sent me running for a sink to wash, but it was the type you couldn't sandblast off.

  2. there's a sort of bouncy vulgarity to his scents that I sort of like..

  3. I was in love with this gorgeous, blonde dancer back in 1985 and she wore Bob Mackie. I had a small sample-type bottle I got at drug emporium, but I wish I had some now; it reminds me of her :-)


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