Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Things (Celebrity Campaigns)

1. The question is not so much why Natalie Portman has to go topless for the Miss Dior Cherie campaign, but why is she doing it for such a crappy perfume?

2. Just when I was thinking Rumer Willis was growing on me, she comes up with this:
If I could go back and live in the 40s for a little while, that would be great. I just think the 40s are such an awesome era, I mean, a gardenia in loose hair—and those dresses were amazing.

3. Katie Holmes is the perfect spokesperson for Ann Taylor. I mean it. No matter how many Hermes shopping sprees she does, there's still something about her that fits a local mall. Heidi Klum has way too much character for the brand.

Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Cherie from an email newsletter
Rumer Willis for Badgley Mischka and Katie Holmes for Ann Taylor from Just Jared
Katie Holmes for


  1. Not that Natalie P is over-the-hill at 29, but she seems a little too old to pose in such a childlike (but sexualized) way. This seems inconsistent with her image as well as what I have read about her in interviews.

  2. Hi there! I always read your blog but never comment. However, I feel compelled to now lol. I saw this ad last night on JustJared I think and my first thought was it just looks wrong. I agree with Scent Hive in that in no way is she over the hill (I'm 27 so not too far off) but I always thought that Miss Dior Cherie was marketed towards a younger woman, around high school or college age. Natalie Portman though pretty doesn't look like she is 19 and I feel like thats how they are trying to portray her with that bow on her head. I think maybe if she was the face of another Dior perfume it would sit with me better. She's not my favorite right now anyway with that new crap romantic comedy she has coming out.

  3. I kind of wish Katie Holmes would actually do some serious acting because right now the only reason people notice her and keep throwing her image up everywhere is that she's Tom Cruise's wife (and not a selling point for me). I like Natalie Portman but she does look odd for that advert. I think she has more of a classic look than a girlie one that I'd associate with Dior Cherie.

  4. What I find strange about that Miss Dior Cherie ad is that it's so at odds not only with the scent itself but with all of the advertising and branding that's come before it. Up until now the perfume has been marketed as this cute coquettish concoction for young women who like the color pink and carry bunches of balloons around. Now all of a sudden the girl's grown up and she's doing the "come hither" thing?

  5. Natalie shilling for a teenager's perfume? Really? Especially after her turn in "Black Swan"? Will wonders never cease! LOL

    As for Rumer, you notice they had to cover as much of her face as possible. She's really not a very attractive young woman.

  6. i always feel a little sorry for rumer - she has demi to compete with looks-wise (yeah, yeah, i know you're not supposed to have to compete with mommy but it happens), and because of her daddy's genes, it's impossible. i hope she has some awesome talent not related to looks that she can develop. that would be cool to see.

    and yeah, i would have hoped natalie would have saved it for something more interesting, but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck.

    katie is totally cute in that campaign.


  7. Natalie is so far from being right for that ad and perfume, it's not funny. I suppose the $$ made her do it. She looks so much prettier in every other photo I've seen of her, too. It's like they tried to make her look as unatttractive and unlike herself as they could. Strange.

  8. 1. It's funny that the Natalie Portman's Dior campaign almost coincides with her announcement that she's pregnant which kind of makes that ad a mute point.

    2. I agree with Anon. I hope Rumer has some talent b/c she sure doesn't have it in the looks dept. I have been underwhelmed with her performances.

    3. I hate the look on Katie face in that ad--it looks she's trying way to hard to look edgy and it doesn't work for the girl next door.

  9. Seems like both Rumer and Katie are coasting on who they are related to/married to to actually advertise lines rather than anything they have accomplished on their own terms. Neither is really drawing my eye to the clothing advertised.

    The photo of Natalie just seems so odd, with the hair and all she seems like a large head on a very small body. whoever put together that visual hasn't done it too well.

  10. Yeah rumeur the 40s were great - with the beautiful dresses and world war two which caused the obliteration of many European cities and millions of lives lost...

  11. 1 - I wouldn't even call the Natalie pics "soft porn". She's too gamine to be called "top less". And that bow...

    2 - Oh, Rumer, you sound like a ditz. Go back to live in the 40's and live through raids and rations. Not only are you not worthy of being a face in a perfume ad campaign, you aren't very smart either. (my pretend conversation with Rumer)

    3 - The only person that makes sense with any of these ads is Katie for Ann Taylor. Mrs. Non-Blonde, you said it.


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