Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Roundup

Another week another snowstorm. If you follow me on Twitter or belong to The Non-Blonde Facebook group (links on the right) you might have seen a sneak peek of some spring items photographed on my snowy deck. The way things have been lately, if summer collections will appear in March/April there's a good chance they'd also get a snowy background in my photos. How wrong is that? To cheer us all up, here's the latest crop of fabulousness from the beauty and fragrance blogging world:

Cream blushes are a major asset for a glowing complexion. Charlstongirl loves them and explores the YSL relaunch for spring 2011. See her shade selection at Best Things in Beauty. Silky Praline might be in my future.

There's something about real French skincare that feels extra effective (just look at the skin of many a Parisian woman). Kari at Fab over Forty has re-discovered French skin care by Orlane. Expensive and effective- and makes me want to try ASAP.

I'm a devoted fan of Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara and I know many of you are with me on this. Sabrina has published the definitive comparison of Eyes to Kill Mascaras: Regular vs Excess. Read her review at The Beauty Look Book.

Three Custom Color's Sweetest Thing Palette is the talk of Twitter. Carla at Product Girl will tell you why.

There's a lot of buzz about Wet 'n Wild, a little colorful and cheap drugstore magic. Amy has eye shadow recommendations at Café Makeup.

Speaking of drugstore secrets, Debbi explains why you should sign up for the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club at DivaDebbi

While you are at the drugstore, check out Olay's skin care. If you haven't tried it yet, Jane has some tips for you at Daly Beauty.

I was very close to buying Benefit Bella Bamba blush when I saw it in person. It's really pretty and wakes up the face. Eventually I decided it was a touch too warm for me, but look how pretty it is on Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews.

On the fashion front, last week we told you about Part 1 of Jennifer's facts about tights and pantyhose. You need to check in at BeautyXposé to read Part 2.

Ines from All I Am- A Redhead has been exploring one of my favorite houses, Parfumerie Generale. I share her enthusiasm for Bois Blond. It's a stunner.

British Beauty Blogger brings us the scoop about Givenchy summer 2011, Acid Summer. It's so far out of my comfort zone I have no idea how to deal with these colors, yet I'm intrigued. Will you try them?

One last not really related thing: Ben Schott from the New York Times invites us to share our favorite things on his Weekend Competition. Now I have the Rodgers & Hammerstein stuck in my head, but how fun it is!

Don't forget sunscreen and heavy moisturizers if you're heading out to the snow, and enjoy your sunshine and warmth if you live in saner parts of the world. Happy weekend!

Photo of model Natalia Vyrostkova by Francois Feuilhade de Chauvin for Cosmopolitan Russia, January 2010.

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  1. I wish we had snow here (lucky for me, no one I know here will see me writing this). :)
    I keep warning people when it comes to snow that it requires even more care than in the sun - which everyone is aware of but snow somehow gets forgotten as the reflection surface for the sun.
    Thank you for the link. :)


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