Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Diorskin Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfecter

Diorskin Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfecter  is a multitasker. It's a face primer, but one can also use it over foundation for a matte finish. Now, oiliness in winter is something I haven't encountered in decades, so I have no intention of trying the latter function. I've been testing Diorskin Crystal Nude as a primer under several foundations and tinted moisturizers, and this is what I'm reviewing here.

Dior also offers a radiance boosting primer, so I was worried Crystal Nude would be extremely drying. This wasn't the case, even on sensitive areas. Diorskin Crystal Nude is waxy and does feel a bit dry in the compact, but it responds well when it touches the skin. I've been applying it with the little sponge that comes in the compact, both dry and damp (though I suspect the latter is not recommended). Application is smooth even though it has far less slip than any other primer I've tried, for better and for worse.

The hardest part is keeping track:  because of the product's dryness and the fact it's completely clear you can't really see where you've already applied it and where you might have missed a spot. I have yet to find a way around this. I probably waste some product when making sure I've got it all covered, and considering the price per quantity issue (the compact holds 0.26 oz ) this is not a good thing. 

Every base color I've tried worked perfectly over Diorskin Crystal Nude, and this is something I appreciate- I've had several primers curdle under some foundations (or maybe it was the other way around- who knows?). This one stays in place and definitely helps achieve a better and smoother coverage.

I've never tested Crystal Nude under makeup-melting conditions, so it hasn't faced the horrors of an August in NYC. Also, my skin is not exactly Grease Central, so once again, there's only so much I can say about the promise of  a shine-free complexion. But it's not overdrying even in winter and it is a good primer as far as holding onto makeup.

That said, this is decidedly not the product for me. I can never be 100% sure it was the primer, but every use ends up with 3-4 clogged pores. Texture? Ingredients? I really don't care. Congested skin is not a good look.

Diorskin Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfecter ($40) is available from Dior counters everywhere as well as from Sephora. A press sample for consideration was sent to me by the company.

Both photos are mine.


  1. I haven't tried this as a primer, but I love it on top of makeup as an alternative to powder. It's definitely one of my current favorites in my purse. I'll have to try it as a primer....

  2. It's always great to read honest reviews, so keep up the good work!

    If you can't test it in the heat of summer, just take it to a sauna! ;-)

    Katie for Ouidad

  3. I've just bought this after loving the way it smoothed out my skin and gave it a soft focus effect on the back of my hand.

    I'm a little disappointed to hear about the clogged pores it may have given you - I hope I have a tad better luck with it!


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