Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Edward Bess Demi Buff Ultra Sleek Lipstick

Tuesdays seem to be Edward Bess days. Not a bad way to deal with mid-week blues. Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book has an excellent and very comprehensive post about the three newest Edward Bess lipsticks. It should help you get a good idea of the shades (and envy Sabrina's perfect lips). What I'll do here is focus on Demi Buff and why it's so great for my olive skin tone and very pigmented lips.

I visited the counter in late November, tested the new lipsticks (and glosses) and had Edward help me choose the right ones. As you can see in Sabrina's review, Blush Allure is the palest and pinkest of the three. I love how pretty this lipstick looks on her but I could not pull it off- it's several shades lighter than my natural lip color and too cool against my skin. On Sabrina there's a distinct difference between Demi Buff and Rose Demure. Looking at her photos it amazes me to think how close these colors are on me, especially considering the Ultra Sleek lipsticks are not sheer at all. But still, the natural pigment of one's lips plays a huge role in the way lipsticks wear. Edward applied, reapplied and alternated these two to my lips and we both agreed that while very similar, Demi Buff was a better choice for me because it has less pink.

Demi Buff is gorgeous topped with the new Amor gloss (photos and review coming soon), but also on its own. It's a perfect neutral/nude brown that's just pink enough to look flattering and natural (and not 1990s brown). The creamy texture is among the very best you can find, it's comfortable to wear and very moisturizing. The finish is as sleek and satiny as promised and you end up with a modern elegant look.

Bottom Line: Love, of course.

Edward Bess Demi Buff Ultra Sleek Lipstick ($32) is available from Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations (as well as online) and edwardbess.com.

All photos are mine.


  1. Demi Buff and Rose Demure really appeal to me. I'm not sure which I'll go for just yet. Edward is so lovely, I bet it was a joy having him help you decide!
    Jane x

  2. Gaia, you are such an enabler. I'm going to have to break down and place a phone order. I haven't wanted to, but there's no way I'll get up there any time soon, and after reading all your reviews of the entire Edward Bess line, I feel you've given me no choice but to take the plunge.

    Thanks for all the great pictures and wonderful descriptions! You really know how to make a girl lust for a lipstick! ;0)

    Lipstick Musings

  3. These look gorgeous!


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