Friday, January 28, 2011

Heidi Klum As The Face Of Astor (Coty)

Heidi Klum has a huge deal with Coty and as such she's the face of their European-only Astor brand. This week she was on a promotional tour in Germany, and this was one of the looks she presented. I usually love Heidi's makeup. She's a pro and knows exactly what works for her, so I'm surprised she let the makeup artist who did this job get away with it. Purple can look stunning on hazel eyes, but this is too much and isn't flattering. It also doesn't look well-blended.

Don't you think Heidi deserves better?



  1. oh dear, she looks rather old in this picture! horrible.

  2. EEeekz!! Looks like stream-of-consciousness finger painting. This 'artist' has toiled way outside the realm of makeup Art, but Heidi's still a Beaut! :)

  3. Heidi Klum annoys the hell out of me in general, & I agree her makeup looks terrible.

  4. Very beautiful! No need for those nasty comments, she looks fabulous!


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