Thursday, January 06, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Ani Nail Polish

Ani was part of my nude and neutral nail polish rampage. While I'm almost over that phase at the moment (and have some amazing colors to show for it- just give me a couple of days to take photos), this pretty shimmery beige from Rescue Beauty Lounge remains a staple for those "don't know what to wear but definitely not red" days.

Ani is quite sheer and requires  at least 3 coats to make any kind of impression- more than many Rescue Beauty Lounge colors (I usually prefer stop at 2). Thankfully, it dries quickly so the hassle isn't too much for me to handle. The shimmer is grownup and elegant and the whole effect is very subtle and goes with everything from an LBD to a vintage DVF print. As you can see in the comparison swatch to Plie, it really is quite yellowish and has no pink undertones whatsoever, though the level of warmth changes with the light.

Ani and the rest of the Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish colors ($18 each) are available from

Photos by me.

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  1. It´s similar to OPI´s Sand In My Suit I think and I like it much!


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