Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lancome Blush Subtil Mauve Coquette

One of the thing the people of Lancome really know how to do is blush. The colors of their permanent line have always been pretty and wearable, with the bonus of rarely getting discontinued. The textures have improved throughout the years, making them somewhat more delicate (I still remember the 80s version and can't believe we actually used that. Then again, most other brands were far worse).

Mauve Coquette is a medium shade, neutral-to-warm on the warm-cool continuum (see how it changes with the light in the photos), and tends to go with the wearer's coloring. On me it pulls warmer, but I saw it on a pale, pink cheeked face and it worked just as well. I didn't watch it very heavily here, so there's enough pigment to either go with a bold sculpted look or apply sheer and natural.

The texture is not quite matte but there are no obvious shimmer particles. Like all Lancome blushes it blends very well, despite not being the softest or silkiest. There are better and more refined formulas on the market that give the face something extra: a glow that's beyond face paint. But as far as traditional blushes go, this is quite nice.

Bottom Line: one of the best in the mid-department store level.

Lancome Blush Subtil ($29.50) is available from your local counters and lancome.com. Some shades can also be found at Sephora (Mauve Coquette is not online). Mine was a GWP (hence the packaging)  from one of the department stores (possibly Bloomingdale's, but I can't remember for sure).

All photos were taken by me.

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  1. This shade looks like it will be lovely on darker skintones


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