Monday, January 17, 2011

StrangeBeautiful Camo Library Nail Polish Collection

I don't think I was ever as enamored with a nail polish collection as I am with the Camo Library from StrangeBeautiful. I've been a fan of Jane Schub's nail color line from the first time I tried it, and this might be her best work yet. The collection was inspired by military ware across the world, sandy terrains and wilderness, but the result is striking and beautiful. Even the more difficult colors (for me), the khaki and green seem to actually work with natural skin tones. This makes the StrangeBeautiful collection a lot more wearable than one might expect- you don't look eccentric wearing them, just unique, elegant with an edge.

The collection, like all the other StrangeBeautiful libraries, features glossy cream colors. The texture is perfect and smooth and the polish is the most durable I own. It lasts and lasts (I freshen the clear top coat every day when not changing colors). So far I've given 6 of the eight a full wearing, including the strangest one of all (pictured). They're perfect for this moody winter weather and I can see them working just as well in the summer.

StrangeBeautiful Camo Library ($79, 8pc set, you can't buy individual colors, but in this case I really didn't mind) is currently on back order at luckyscent but in stock at

All photos are mine, taken with the help of Sophie and Lizzy.


  1. I really like the formula on these although I haven't actually used them a great deal as they are sitting in their case displayed on a shelf away from where I usually keep my other polishes.

  2. Oh, I agree completely about this collection. I got mine a while back, and funnily enough right now I am wearing the same greenish-brownish shade you show on your nails! It blends with my skin tone, too and I think it looks great!

  3. Gorgeous! That mustard color really looks great. It's surprising to realize that all of these colors do seem very wearable. If you were to give your cats manicures (and I'm not suggesting you do.. ok maybe I am), they would be the perfect color palette for them.


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