Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

It took me a while to amass enough samples of Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil for a two-week testing. Once I got there, though, I find myself enjoying the oil a lot more than I expected.

First there's the scent- a green pine, almost incense like. It instantly puts one in a relaxing mood. The texture of Bobbi Brown's oil is thinner than the more famous Shu Uemura, and is easier to use as a face massage oil (contributing to the whole relaxing thing). The oil removes makeup very efficiently, including mascara, liquid liner and whatever else I pile on my face. It's also a great- and I mean it- GREAT- for unclogging pores and removing any gunk that's settled on one's face. You can see and feel the stuff working right there in front of your mirror, and thoroughly enjoy rinsing it off.

Unlike the Shu oil, this Bobbi Brown product isn't over-drying (even now, during the worst part of winter), and while I tone and moisturize right away, my skin doesn't feel tight and stretched.

Bottom Line: Excellent

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil ($39, 6.7oz) is available from most department stores and bobbibrowncosmetics.com. All the samples I used came with various purchases online and in store.


  1. So I've been wondering for a while whether I should fork out the money for the Shu oil to one of those vaguely unknown sites that ship the stuff to Europe (I'd used a sample some time ago and liked it very much).

    Alas, after reading this I realized I could just pop over to the deparment store and buy Bobbi Brown - I'd say what won me over in your review was the thinner texture and the pine/incense smell.

  2. I've always heard good things about cleansing oils, but have never tried them! Thanks for the review, I might be purchasing.

  3. I've been curious about this one, thanks for the review. I love my John Master's Pomegranite Oil, but the concept of cleansing with an oil still freaks me out that it may cause a breakout.

  4. I didn't realize that this one has a scent. Now I'm really interested.
    I love cleansing oils but I haven't used Bobbi Brown's.

  5. I precisely wanted to know the difference between the BB and the Shu Uemure oil. I see that I have absolutely to try Bobbi Brown's. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for posting - this will be my next purchase!


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