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While I have several half-read or just started books scattered all over the place, right now I'm eager to get a copy of Monica Ali's newest book (coming up in April), Untold Story. It's a fictional "what if" inspired by Princess Diana.

Shirley Basey- Diamonds Are Forever. I can't get enough of her voice.

Serge Lutens Boxeuses

I'm obsessed with anything complexion, as I've been testing a couple of foundations lately.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Flat black riding boots. I found my perfect pair a couple of months ago at Cole Haan- they hit exactly where they should, without going over the bottom part of my knee, imagine that.

Carbs, sadly.

Guilty Pleasure
Afternoon naps.

Waking up with assorted fuzzy faces purring loudly around me.

Bane Of My Existence
The weather, of course. Looking out the window I expect to see Sarah Palin hunting for moose in my backyard.

Valentine's Day

A personal assistant

Random Thought
Seriously, out of all the stuff Ricky Gervais said, Hollywood being rattled by his dig at the closeted Scientologists is beyond ridiculous.

How are you doing? Please share your current loves and thoughts!

Art: Winter In The City by Dmitry Danish


  1. Before I jump into my current favorites, I just have to say how much I love your blog. I stumbled upon it several months ago, and honestly have been reading it obsessively (love getting caught up on past posts!). It is one of my favorite things to read, truly. Thanks for all your excellent work.

    I am absolutely obsessed with Edward Bess (another thing for which I have you - and The Beauty Look Book - to thank). I love the eyeshadows Intimate and Mystery, the Daydream bronzer, the Ultra Slick lipsticks in Sundown, Nude Lotus and Tender Love, and the All Over Seduction in Sunlight. Best. Products. Ever.

    Also looking forward to Valentine's Day, and my birthday, which is 5 days before V Day.

    Wish List
    More Edward Bess!!! Including the Sheer Satin compact, eye shadows in Dusk and Escape and the luxury eye brush.

    Tom Ford Private Blend in Amber Absolute.

    Fig preserves on bleu cheese...heaven.

    I kind of thought the Golden Globes was a train wreck in terms of fashion and makeup. And honestly, I wanted to punch the tv screen whenever they showed Angelina Jolie - especially when she was putting on her lip gloss and was leaning up against Poppa Pitt. Way to mark your territory. But I love, love, love Natalie Portman. If anyone hasn't seen Black Swan, go out and see it! Immediately!

  2. Oh I hope you review Boxeuses soon! I've been waiting for one of your awesome perfume reviews on this one!

  3. book: cryptonomicon; the creative entrepreneur.

    perfume: sl bas de soie; cartier xii heure; mugler womanity; ambre russe; tresor in love.

    lipstick: rimmel cherrylicious and burgundy shine - keep going back to these. even better than my chanels and hourglass. great color and shine and feel and a super price point.

    masacara: l'oreal telescopic carbon black - the most mistake-proof and easy formula/brush i've found.

    joy: two furry faces purring loudly and being generally cuddly.

    luxury: using real whipped cream to cream my black tea. awesome.


  4. p.s. we just got edward bess at our local neiman's. it looks more impressive in your pics, and with that cute boy pitching it. but then again, no one was there flogging it. will revisit when i have time.


  5. Oh fun!
    I've also half started a few books recently and would love to sink my teeth into one of them! Attention deficit, at the mo.

    Make up
    I have too much and now I'm realizing I need to separate my makeup between summer and winter. I am troubled by the fact that I can't wear all shades yearround.

    Another Guerlain ecrin palette! I already have Rue de Passy and I love it.

    Would cherish:
    A much needed vacation preferably at a spa in a warm sunny climate!

  6. Ditto with Katie before digging into your cool query ~ Gaia, your site is a Work of Art and a total Boon! I was hooked after reading your piece on C.B.'s 'Revelation' & 'Musk Reinvention' - separately and layered - WOW 4ever! & Your review is poetry!

    Book: I'm with Joolz in the land of half-read books, wishing 'something' would consume me.

    Music: Beth Hart "My California". I ADORE this artist & would take too much space to say what her music means to me. Her latest release is at once naked, raw and powerful.

    Makeup: Rarely done more than a 5-minute basic face this winter with NARS Night Fairy on eyes, justa wee bit of GIVENCHY Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm in Rosy Glow on cheeks (over a light foundation), Lancolm Definicils Mascara in Black, & lips lightly lined 'n smudged in with Clinique's lipliner in Pomegranate, topped with a swipe of DuWop's clear Lip Venom.

    Perfume: Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, Keiko Mechere Ume, & my precious few drops of my Fave new discovery - Profumi del Forte Roma Imperiale - can't get enough of this Glorious scent! (Oh and my daily drunken inhalations of Piguet's Bandit and C.B.'s Musk) :)

    Guilty Pleasure: Haagen Dazs Rocky Road

    Joy: YES to the pure Heaven of waking to furry faces and Love Love Love!

    Anticipation: Belated birthday presents soon-to-arrive from my awesome brother. Here's to celebrating one's birthday for the Whole Month!

    Boots: Being completely faithful to my L.L. Bean Snow Boots, perfect waterproof winter hiking boot/sneaker - Cozy Warm I LOVE them!

    Wish: I wish that L'Artisan Dzing! & Kenzo's Jungle Elephant would switch names.

    Final Thought: THANKS for your Golden Globe fashion coverage! Loved it much-much!

    Peace & Groove :)

  7. Well, finding Sarah Palin hunting for moose in my backyard would not only be the bane of my existence, but quite the worst nightmare ever...
    Are you going to write a review about the foundations you tested ?
    - Would be nice. Right now I'm testing the one from SUQQU.

  8. My favorite Shirley Bassey is "Goldfinger." Makes me want to wing out the eyeliner and sweep my hair up!

  9. Hi all, way late, but.....
    Book-Gargoyle, light but fun reading..
    Song-Nina Simone I want a little sugar in my bowl.
    Perfume-Tom Ford's Moss Breches or Sublime
    Makeup-Recently purchased several La Metier makeup pieces including eye shadows (Alexandrite, Rose Champagne and Corinthian, could these get any prettier?) Also purchased the black eyeliner pen and lip gloss in Captiva. Instant love....
    Frequently worn item-It's been cold, I've been wearing, cashmere, lots of it.
    Food-no interest-no appetite.
    Guilty Pleasure-napping with the kitty cats
    Joy-Peace and quiet, a book, cup of tea, and my kitties purring in my lap.
    Bane of my existence? Family health issues and I'm too far away to be of assistance.
    Anticipation-Season Three of True Blood
    Wishlist, More energy and a VitaMix blender.
    Random Thought-Watching Big Love and wondering why any man would want three wives??? It's fun watching them twist his poor little head around..... ;)


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