Friday, January 21, 2011

Stila Flat Top Blush Brush 21

Remember when Stila was one of the coolest independent cosmetics companies around? Yes, it was several ownerships ago and things have gone downhill since (though there might be some signs of resurrection lately, so time will tell).  The original collection of Stila makeup brushes was excellent both in design and in quality. Many of the old brushes have been discontinued, though if you look hard enough some can still be found from various online sources. Stila Flat Top Blush Brush 21 is one of those lost gems. It's one of my favorite face brushes of all times and I love it so much I actually got a couple of back ups.
Stila Flat Top Blush Brush 21 was obviously designed for blush application, but I prefer it as an all over face brush and most of all- foundation and tinted moisturizer application. Yes, it's made of natural bristles which we've been taught since the dawn of time to only use with powder products, but I've learned a few things in recent years and I'm no longer afraid to dip natural bristles in liquid. There's something about the ultra soft and super dense hair of Stila 21 that gives an unparalleled flawless finish when I use it with products like Chanel Vitalumiere foundation or Le Metiere de Beaute Peau Vierge . The flat top reaches into crevices around the nose and chin and is very easy to use efficiently. I don't feel the bristles soak up and waste much product, and cleanup is as easy as with any other foundation brush (probably more- some synthetic brushes hold on to gunk for dear life).
Of course, this is a blush brush and can be used with various powder products. It picks up quite a bit of color, so it's better with lighter blushes. I've also used it for cream blush with good results, making the Stila Flat Top Blush Brush 21a great multitasker. Hence the several backups living in my makeup drawers.
Bottom Line: If you happen upon old stock grab a couple.
As I said above, Stila Flat Top Blush Brush 21 (original retail price was $45)  has been discontinued for some time now, though some online and offline retailers might still have it in stock.
All photos are mine.


  1. I yearn for the days when Jeanine Lobell still owned Stila. I have two eyeshadow brushes from that time and they are still holding up pretty well. Now, I wish I bought more!

  2. This looks kind of like my trish mcevoy blending brush (which I love).

  3. I also have several circa 2000 Stila brushes and LOVE them. They've been used daily and washed regularly and have held up beautifully. I bought the 21 brush when it was introduced and love it for powder foundation.


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