Friday, January 07, 2011

Weekly Roundup For The New Year

Today was a snow day here- staying in, pajamas, hot chocolate... the works. So much for resolutions. Still, there are pretties and smellies to explore and that's what we're about to do here.

You don't have to share my cuir de crocodile condition to appreciate dry skin remedies in January. Kari from Fab Over Forty shows us her skincare essentials to keep your skin looking youthful and moisturized during the harsh month.

When you have a several day hospital stay like Charleston from Best Things in Beauty, it's best to be beauty prepared. Find out what she brought with her and what she really needed and used from her beauty arsenal.

Many brands have started bombarding us with all things pink and springy, but Dior's newest limited edition nail polishes are perfect for mid-winter. Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book shows us the very exclusive line of Dior nail polishes called the Dior Vernis Gris City Collection.

Espiegle is a word that refers to a slightly impish fairy, a magical spirit with with a sense of teasing humor who is not afraid to use it. Check out Cafe Makeup's review of Chanel Joues Contraste in Espiegle (paired with Rouge Allure Flaymoyante) to see if Chanel has captured this playfulness for the Spring 2011 line.

Scent memories and fragrances have the power to transform us into long-gone times and places. Jane from Daly Beauty shares with us one of her favorites and her memories associated with some of these finds.

Eyebrows can make or break your beauty look. Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews found a new brow gel that she loves. It's an especially good read for redheads who have hard time finding the right shade.

I knew better than to make any fitness resolutions this year. Instead, I'm waiting to feel inspired (yes, good luck with that). Lets read about the beauty and fashion resolutions that Jennifer from BeautyXposé put together. These sound so much more interesting than an hour on my elliptical.

Do you or someone you know have a bit too much scalp showing in patches for your comfort? Debbi from DivaDebbi found her perfect product.

The funniest thing I've read this week comes from Brian on I Smell Therefore I Am. A fictional discussion between key figures and egos in the perfume field. I laughed until I cried.

On Manolo For The Beauty, Glinda pays tribute to a larger-than-life beauty icon, Beverly Johnson. The vintage covers and photos get me every time.

Have a beautiful and scentsational week!


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