Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Because: Cute Overload

I came across these the other day as I was browsing Cartier ads for my Must II review and thought you might enjoy them. What's better on a Sunday morning than a cute kitten and some luxury goods?


  1. Cutissimo! Thanks for sharing, that totally made my Sunday. And it actually makes for a nice change not to have a long legged, half-naked model adorn the adverts. I love your blog :-)

  2. This baby-panther is so cute, we saw a lot of her before Christmas and were pleased: as Asali pointed out it's a nice change from the half-naked models...though Cartier's publicity is always very elegant, vey chic! and the Panther is soooo Cartier! Thank you for that smile:-)

  3. Made me smile :-) Thanks, Gaia.

  4. How like Cartier to manage 'cute' and 'elegant' in the same ad!

    What a darling!

    xo A

  5. I almost wrote about the Cartier ads when I first saw them - and gushed. That cat is so darling, I wanted him, wild or not!

  6. This little one was part of a video installation in Cartier's windows two Christmases ago. There were small TVs with views of him/her doing the baby panther stalk from various angles. Cute in still photos, super-cute in motion!


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