Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Edward Bess Amor Deep Shine Lip Gloss

It's another Edward Bess Tuesday, which I hope would perk us all up considerably. I don't know about you, but  I can definitely use a fun color to combat the dreariness. Amor, one of the three new colors Edward Bess released in December (the other two, French Lace and Bare Rose are pretty pink little things. Gorgeous but too light for me). Amor was a natural choice  and an instant love for me- it's great on its own and has enough pigment to perk me up, but the real story is how wonderful this color works over lipstick. Layering Amor over Edward's Demi Buff creates one of my favorite looks of the season and works with everything- from innocent neutrals to a sultry smoky eye.

The packaging for the new lip gloss colors has been modified and no longer carries the Edward Bess logo on the tube, only his initials are on the cap. I liked the modern elegance of the previous version, but the new one is bigger and holds more product (0.2oz instead of 0.19), so yay. The scent is the same over-fruity fig jam, but it goes away eventually so I don't really mind. It's all about the color and I love the pink-red of Amor. If you're familiar with Edward's other bold lip gloss shade, Warm Flame, you'll notice they're similar. Warm Flame is more dramatic and red; I'll post a comparison soon, when I review Warm Flame.

I don't think the texture of Edward Bess lip glosses has changed any- they're as shiny, not too sticky and surprisingly tenacious for a gloss. There's no shimmer or sparkle in them, no gold sprinkles of any kind, just a beautiful glazed finish.

Bottom Line: one of the most flattering colors I own.

Edward Bess Amor Deep Shine Lip Gloss ($30) is available from Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus stores and edwardbess.com.

All photos are mine.

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