Monday, January 03, 2011

Bobbi Brown Tawny Blush

With all the palettes, limited edition colors and effort to attract the glitter-wearing customers who usually skip the Bobbi Brown counter it's easy to forget what Bobbi does best: wearable, natural looking shades of no gimmick makeup. Like her regular blush- a matte and silky pressed blush that comes in 15 pretty colors.

I chose Tawny, a very warm brown-based pink, to fill a gap in my blush wardrobe. It's among the most pigmented cheek colors I own and requires a light hand - my skin is olive but quite pale and doesn't look good with too intense blushing. I use a duo-fiber brush  to make sure the result is sheer and light enough- regular blush brushes pick up too much color in this case.

Bobbi Brown's blushes are very soft and silky, making blending as easy as can be. I love the matte finish- it's perfect for casual and daytime looks and allows me to add shimmer and highlighters separately, when and where I want them. I swatched Tawny pretty heavily here, but a sheer application seems to have the potential to look flattering on various skin tones (note to self: get my very pale sister to try this).

Bobbi Brown blush ($22) is available from most department stores, Sephora (only select colors, Tawny included) and

All photos are mine.


  1. With companies throwing so many limited edition items our way, I'm surprised that they sell anything from their permanent range!

    This blush looks like a good everyday kind.

  2. I love Bobbi Brown blush.
    And I agree. It's novel that a company would have a permanent range!

  3. Hi Gaia! I've used BB makeup for years - love it. I have fair skin with yellow undertones and Tawny works great for me. I also like the Sand Pink, and use the Pale Pink for Bobbi's suggested "pop" of color. Apricot is great, too. As you say, the pigments are strong! Use in moderation. ;-)


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