Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Roundup January 21st

Here's another week's worth of wintry mix, beauty-style...

Charlestongirl from Best Things in Beauty got her hands on Giorgio Armani's Le Femme Bleue Collection for Spring 2011, and she has been featuring it this week. The palette looks absolutely amazing.

Kari at Fab Over Forty shows us some of the best in beauty looks at the Golden Globes and how you can get the look at home. I wonder if I can turn myself into Anne Hathaway.

Jane featured some fabulous lip conditioners at Daly Beauty. This is winter reading at its best.

My nails are good one week then I abuse them and everything gets messed up. Laurie from Product Girl shows us her DIY must-have manicure products that work to keep her hands in tip-top shape.

Jennifer from BeautyXposé shows us how to incorporate various patterns, colors and textures of tights to look fashionable this winter. And it keeps us warm!

Amy from Café Makeup reviews one of my favorite products ever, Le Metier de Beaute's Precision Liquid Liner. It's excellent and she'll tell you exactly why.

Do you ever wish you could find out what someone is carrying in their handbag? It's rather voyeuristic, but oh so fun! Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book shares with us what is inside her Miu Miu Bow Satchel. Both the bag and its content are highly covetable.

Every makeup brush nut must read Dain's post at Ars Aromatica about Hakuhodo brushes. You will spend money and you'll do it happily.

Josephine (the blogger, not my kitten) sums up exactly why January sucks (the month, not Ms. Jones, despite her atrocious Golden Globes dress), and she's wearing L'Artisan Tea For Two while doing it.

And here on The Non-Blonde we had another week full of beauty. From the stunning StrangeBeautiful Camo Library nail polish collection to the only makeup palette I loved so far this season, Morphorium Blue by Shu Uemura. There was also an Edward Bess moment and the one lipstick to rule them all, Serge Lutens in Roman Rouge. On the skin care front, I decided I like Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil more than the classic Shu, started testing a Kenzo face mask and felt like I just been to the spa and uncovered the secret of model-perfect skin. I also recapped the Golden Globes and fell head over heels with Serge Lutens latest non-expert perfume, the leathery Boxeuses.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

Art: Becha for Elle Magazine


  1. Hey, thanks for including me in your roundup! Does January suck for you, too?

  2. Thank you for linking to the DIY manicure how-to! I'm thinking about doing my nails more often as a treat to myself.

  3. Which brushes did you get, Gaia? Though... we'll probably hear about them soon enough. : )

  4. Dain, I have a thing for the Kokutan style. I think I like it more than the vermilion S100. You made me rethink eyeliner brushes and realize I'm not in love with any of the ones I have, especially when it comes to tightlining. So I've gone with your recommendation- this just might be the one I most needed.


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