Friday, January 28, 2011

Kevyn Aucoin Concealer Brush

Concealers, like any other makeup items, require different brushes depending on their texture and the task at hand. Are you trying to highlight a larger area and blend it seamlessly into your foundation? Are you trying to hide a scar? cover a blemish? Is it a thick cream or a light fluid concealer? Then there are your personal preferences regarding bristle type and shape. Generally I'd recommend having a few concealer brush in different shapes and sizes so you're ready for most common tasks.

Kevyn Aucoin Concealer Brush is unique in its small flat head. It's meant for detailed and precise work, and make the smallest imperfections disappear when using a high-coverage thick product. Hiding small blemishes and thin scars is suddenly easy because the Kevyn Aucoin brush grabs the right amount of spackle and deposits it exactly where and how you want it. The head is thinner and flatter than in most pointy concealer brushes (like Laura Mercier and Sephora Professional Platinum) and smaller than in traditional flat ones (think Chanel, Smashbox and most others). That's why I also like using this brush for highly accurate jobs like applying concealer around the lip line to create the perfect lipstick look and keep everything firmly in place (it also need to perfectly blended, otherwise don't bother).

Kevyn Aucoin makeup brushes have a pretty handle- maroon colored inside a clear lucite shell. They're sturdy, stable and have a comfortable weight and grip. The concealer brush washes easily and dries quickly. I reach for it often and find it an essential tool.

Kevyn Aucoin concealer brush ($24) is available from Barneys, and

Photos by Sophie and me.

My lovely assistant:


  1. Your assistant is adorable!!

  2. I like that your cat was modeling the brush :)

  3. Don't know about the brush but the cat is amazing!

  4. do you think a lip brush can perform similar task. I have this brush on my list, but I am not sure if its worth the price....

  5. do you think a lip brush will perform similar task as this one. I have this brush on my list, but i don't know if its worth the price. Your answer would be helpful.


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