Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Burberry Pearl White (01) Sheer Eyeshadow

Since most of the country is covered in snow, this Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Pearl White (#01) looks very appropriate. But first, let's talk about white eye shadows in general. They're not something I'd recommend most of us wear on their own unless it's Halloween and you're going for a sparkling vampire. Still, as anyone working with paint knows- you must have white. It's an important basic item in a makeup collection and I use it often over other colors or mixed with them, usually for extra highlighting right under the brow.

I don't shop for white eye shadows often, so last summer when I used up the last shreds of an old Chanel one, I was ready for something new. Like Burberry new. I love the texture of their Sheer Eyeshadow- silky smooth, finely milled and glowy, which is very important when you're dealing with white. You don't want a chalky effect or anything that sits on your skin in an unflattering way. As you can see, Burberry 01 is, indeed, pearly white, it shows up well on my skin (so many white, beige or ecru shadows turn into translucent powder on my skin), and since the consistency is so fine and blendable, this is an ideal eye shadow to mix with others and lighten up darker shades without excess shimmer, sparkle or glitter.

Bottom Line: Exactly what I needed.

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow ($29) is a Nordstrom exclusive, online and in select locations.

Photos by me.


  1. I've shied away for the Burberry line in fears of it being more label-oriented, however I may have to check this out. I appreciate a faint smudge over the ball of the eyelid to brighten up without adding one more color to incorporate into the look.

  2. There I go to the Burberry counter again... XD


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