Monday, January 31, 2011


These Valentino wedge sandals might be the summer statement shoes I've been after lately. I'm a little worried the embellishment might be a bit too much, but I wear a lot of light neutrals in summer that could stand a little extra spice, even if it's green and punkish. And you rarely go wrong with Valentino.

Valntino studded leather and rope wedge sandals in forest green ($695) from  Net-a-Porter


  1. Clothes and shoes are to have fun with. Embrace the "too much" of the shoe and wear them feeling beautiful and sassy with confidence!

  2. Oh I don't they are overdone at all, they are quite lovely. To me they are understated. :) If I could walk in something that tall (and it would look nice on my chubby feet) I'd be the first in line to buy a pair! lol

  3. They look great!! This is a style, shape and general look that is a staple for me for summer. Goes with everything (nearly almost everything) and is also rather comfortable to wear.

    I do wish you get to get these for sumer :-)


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